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The best movie I have seen till date about a psycho killer with split personality. I should not reveal the secret of the movie so you will have to see it to believe it. A masterpiece by the king of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. This movie is the source of inspiration for uncountable directors all over the world. And its has some of the best and first of its kind scenes shot in the history of cinema. Like the scene of the murder in the shower and the scene revealing the suspense in the end. Apart from the brilliant direction and camerawork, the third most powerful pillar of the movie is its background score which keeps haunting you in the dark even days after you have seen the movie. There are many interesting facts associated with this classic when it was premiered for the first time. A psychological hyped release was planned superbly for this suspense & horror film. Simply not to be missed at any cost if you love cinema & its power.
Directed By Alfred Hitchcock
Starring : Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh & Vera Miles

Its one of the most famous movies from the well know director Sai Pranjpe. She realistically shows the time spent by the young students while living in a room together and roaming around aimlessly. It’s the story of three friends who are studying and also trying to impress a girl living in the local neighborhood. Highly enjoyable movie with great repeat value. The “Chamko – washing powder” sequence is a real treat to watch. Infact all the artists involved in this are still remembered fondly due to the powerful impact of the movie. The unseen locations of Delhi are captured intelligently and they blend with the scenes smoothly. Surprisingly it has a melodious & classical based song which is also a collector’s number. A must watch and surely a movie to be possessed.
Directed By Sai Pranjpe
Starring : Farukh Sheikh, Rakesh Bedi, Ravi Vasvani & Deepti Naval
Music By Raj Kamal

Agatha Christie’s brainstorming novel is transformed into a highly entertaining movie. A black & white classic which will just shake your mind when you will come to know the real game going behind the whole movie. It’s a court room drama involving a husband and wife, where the suspicion keeps shifting like a pendulum but the climax is truly brilliant. The best role is of the lawyer who gets caught in the well planned game and finds himself in a strange position in the end. The movie made me a fan of Agatha Christie’s writings. A must watch for lovers of crime and court room dramas. I rate it as one of the top 5 best court room movies made all over the world.
Directed By Billy Wilder
Starring : Tyrone Power & Marlene Dietrich

This is the original movie which was the first to show a “Love Guru” years before “Hitch” & “Partner” were made. Ashok Kumar is the Love Master here teaching the tricks to Amol Palekar as he wants to win over Vidhya Sinha. As you watch the film progressing, it seems like it should never end as its so engrossing and entertaining. Asrani as the third angle in the love triangle is too funny in his mannerisms. As Amol Palekar starts playing the little tricks, the way Asrani responds is a pure delight. One of the best sequence of the movie is the buying and selling of the old model motorcycle. A special mention for the meaningful songs which are used beautifully in the movie. If you haven’t seen this yet then you are surely missing something.
Directed By Basu Chatterjee
Starring : Amol Palekar, Vidya Sinha, Asrani & Ashok Kumar
Music By Salil Choudhury

Story of two friends with completely opposite characters. One is a man following truth and the other is a conman only looking for money and status in society. The most innovative part of the movie is that the characters are reversely played by the actors Farukh Sheikh and Naseeruddin Shah. Farrukh more known for silent roles plays the conman for a change and that is the real beauty of the film. Naseer plays his role so silently and calmly. Deepti Naval looks ravishing as the girl next door. Slow & steady wins the race is the moral of this movie which is directed brilliantly by Sai Pranjpe. No doubt she has given some of the most memorable movies to the Indian film industry. A collector’s movie which is entertaining in every view.
Directed By Sai Pranjpe
Starring : Farukh Sheikh, Naseeruddin Shah & Deepti Naval
Music By Raj Kamal

A one of its kind of movie, tackling the emotional issue of life after retirement from work. How life should be lived after retirement is a tough question which Jack Nicholson is trying to answer in this movie. And it becomes more delicate and tougher when his beloved wife also dies suddenly on a bright morning just after he has retired. Even thinking about the circumstances makes the viewer sad and lonely. But the movie is not about sadness and loneliness. Its about beauty of being alone and not giving up the spirit of living joyfully. A film which must be seen by all the persons retired or close to retirement. If seen seriously by the youngsters, it can teach them how to be prepared for anything in life. The movie has the power to bring transformations in lives, it can infuse spirit in your days and can lead to more joy. Go for it if you love realistic and inspiring movies.
Directed By Alexander Payne
Starring : Jack Nicholson & Kathy Bates

One of the 5 cult comedy movies from Bollywood. It is rated as one of the most lovable movies by the viewers all over the world. Double personality of a character is portrayed in an amusing and entertaining way which wins hearts in only few minutes of watching the film. Amol Palekar and Utpal Dutt are in their full forms and their scenes together are too funny to watch. Both the actors can just make you laugh with their expressions and dialogue delivery. There are many movies based on Double Roles, but “Golmaal” unarguably takes a position in the Top 5 of this category. It is also among Hrishida’s most famous and successful movies. R. D. Burman too gives some memorable songs in this all time favourite, brilliantly directed and intelligently edited masterpiece. Simply, a film to have in your home library for all in the family.

Directed By Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Starring : Amol Palekar, Utpal Dutt & Bindiya Goswami
Music By R. D. Burman