Alfred Hitchcock’s one of the finest movies, based on a hit play. Many new English & Hindi films are based on this movie. When you finish the movies you have many things in mind and you just want to salute the master filmmaker for the following points:

1. The whole film is 98% in just one room.
2. When it was released it was a 3D movie but the DVD version is flat. But since it is a murder mystery Hitchcock used 3D such beautifully that u never think that u r watching a 3D. Infact Hitchcock never wanted to make it in 3D.
3. The brilliance of acting is such that the Film should be kept in the Film Courses in the Instituitions. If you are a true mystery lover, you will want this movie in your collection. Surely. A Smash 5 Star Rating From My Side .
Directed By : Alfred Hitchcock
Starring : Ray Milland, Grace Keely & Robert Cummings

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