North By Northwest (1959)

Posted: 10 October, 2007 in 1. Movies To See Before You Die, Thrillers
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Among the best movies by the maestro Alfred Hitchcock. Not spine chilling suspense, but engrossing stuff with excellent shots. Innovative scenes and new shot taking methods which were seen for the first time in this movies at that time. Like the scene of a Glider chasing the hero. You keep on guessing all the time in the movie what’s gonna be next. Fake Double Identity subject is just handled in the perfect Hitchcockian Style. It is rated among the top 5 movies by the master filmmaker. Go for it if you are a thriller fan and like mid 50s -70s stuff. Dev Anand’s “Jewel Thief” directed by Vijay Anand somehow followed the same pattern as in this masterpiece.
Directed By : Alfred Hitchcock
Starring : Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saints

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