This is a pure example of class cinema and perfect acting. Surely Tom Hanks rightly deserved the OSCAR he got. One of the first movies to be made over the humiliation faced by the AIDS victims all over the world. Danzel also just excels in the role of lawyer and you will also fall in love with him while watching the movie. As the film progresses you can feel the pain & tough times faced by Tom Hanks as an AIDS victim and I think after seeing this movies your view about the Aids victims will change completely. The director deserves congratulations for directing a movie which is and will be remembered always. Bollywood also tried to copy this movie with Shilpa Shetty as an Aids Victim in “Phir Milenge” with Abhishek & Salman but couldn’t reach even closer to “Philadelphia”. A Cinematic Excellence. A pure cinematic excellence and strongly recommended for all.
Directed By Jonathan Demme
Starring : Tom Hanks & Denzel Washington

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