This is a film about the life of lawyers and how they play with truth as they know the loopholes of the law. Al Pacino gives a power packed performance as the lawyer fighting with his conscience. A must watch movie for those who like court room dramas and law suit movies. It gives you the inside story of the relationship or nexus between the police, lawyers and the judges who decide about the fate of many lives every day, sitting on a chair. Al Pacino finds it tough to fight a case for a judge who he knows has done the crime. The judge pressurizes him to fight his case as he is the best lawyer in the town. But just as he is going to win the case he takes a U turn and what comes next is a well executed climax of the movie. Undoubtedly one of the most entertaining endings. Thumb Up for Al Pacino.
Directed By Norman Jewison
Starring Al Pacino & Jack Warden

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