One of the finest actor I have seen is Tom Hanks and I also admire him for the kind of movies he opts for. Apollo 13 is based on true incident when a space shuttle went to explore the moon but had to be called back due to technical defects. The astronauts in the shuttle just saved themselves from being lost in the space. NASA and the astronauts with all there efforts found a way to came back to earth. A very tight script movie which makes you sit straight on your couch. You also come to know how the Astronauts feel in the shuttle when they are in space. The best scene is when they are can see the surface of moon from thier spacecraft but due to the technical faults cannot land there. Again a must watch Tom Hanks movie and you will feel a new kind of experience watching it.
Directed By Ron Howard
Starring : Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon & Gary Sinisie


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