Amazingly crafted movie with almost every scene enhanced by the computer graphics. The 2 DVD Edition is a sure treat to watch. The long length of the movie seems so short as you watch the film and in the end you are there asking for more. King Kong’s emotions are excellently filmed. The 2nd DVD has a Production Diary which shows each department of the post production and all the other shooting units filming at the miniatures and the blue screens. Such a detailed special feature DVD is only the first of its kind I suppose. Best suited for a Saturday evening with family and specially for the children. They will love this huge creature called King Kong throwing away the Dinosaurs with his hands. The sequence when the crew lands at the Island is just superb. Naomi Watts also deserves appreciation for her emotions portrayed for the creature.
Directed By Peter Jackson
Starring : Naomi Watts, Jack Black & Adrien Brody


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