A well made movie based on a true shameful incident in the history of Western Justice. The film shows how a Irishman is wrongly charged with the blame of a terrorist bomb attack. Its not a mistake by the police but they do so knowingly. This gets proved when the original bomber gets arrested and he admits doing it. All the police and judicial system just covers the mess they had made. The police even arrests the father and family members of the Irishman and they are also given jail for several years. The father and son are kept in the same cell and the scenes of their confrontation are just worth watching. The father dies in front of his son in the cell. Years later Emma Thompson, a lawyer fights for the wrongly accused family and brings the truth out. A well directed movie also nominated for several Oscars. Knowing that it’s a true story makes us all think about the family which suffered for years in the jail being innocent. Really deserves a serious watch.

Directed By Jim Sheridan
Starring : Philip King, Emma Thompson & Daniel Day Lewis

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