James Bond Movie Mania (1969-1989)

Posted: 13 October, 2007 in 1. Movies To See Before You Die, Thrillers
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Here we are talking about Bond movies from “Dr. No” to “License To Kill” which featured mainly Sean Connery & Roger Moore. The original charm, the witty dialogues and the fun in the mystery could be found only till the late eighties. And if you like one, then you would surely love to see all in the series. No doubt some of these are much better than the others but still they all have a certain feel of adventure and unadulterated fun. The smartness of bond, his doctor’s innovative gadgets, “M” and the secretary are just unforgettable. Don’t miss the opening titles as they used to be the key feature and highlight of every release. And no need to mention the world famous Bond theme music which just makes you feel nostalgic.
Go for them and show them to the young ones too.

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