Back To The Future (Series)(1985, 89 & 90)

Posted: 13 October, 2007 in 1. Movies To See Before You Die, Adventure
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A complete entertainer series. You will just want to see the second part when you finish the Ist and so on. Unstoppable adventure at its best. The best part is that nothing seems to be unbelievable in the movie and the viewer just feels as he is within the movie experiencing every thing first hand. Not to be missed at any cost by anyone who loves movies. Unarguably one of the best adventure
series all over the world till date. I just loved the complication which arises within the years and dates in the First and Second Part. On Merit basis the first part is the best and then the second and third part respectively. If you haven’t seen these till now, just opt for it now.
Directed By Robert Zemeckis
Starring: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Llyod


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