A film recommended to all who are spiritual in nature and believe in life as it comes. Here is a movie which teaches you how to live life and how to enjoy each day as it comes. Zorba, is a fun loving person who has faced tough times in life and now lives just to enjoy his remaining days. He knows the worth of money but does not want more than he needs. He loves to play his musical instrument but plays it only for himself. As he meets a young rich person in a trip, he tries to teach him the meaning of life in his own ways. The black & white movie is just not worth watching, but its worth studying. It’s a spiritual book written on the screen. If you just listen to the dialogues and then think them over, half your tensions would be gone that only moment. Try that watching this masterpiece. Dont Miss it.
Directed By Mihalis Kakogiannis
Starring : Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates & More


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