A one of its kind of movie, tackling the emotional issue of life after retirement from work. How life should be lived after retirement is a tough question which Jack Nicholson is trying to answer in this movie. And it becomes more delicate and tougher when his beloved wife also dies suddenly on a bright morning just after he has retired. Even thinking about the circumstances makes the viewer sad and lonely. But the movie is not about sadness and loneliness. Its about beauty of being alone and not giving up the spirit of living joyfully. A film which must be seen by all the persons retired or close to retirement. If seen seriously by the youngsters, it can teach them how to be prepared for anything in life. The movie has the power to bring transformations in lives, it can infuse spirit in your days and can lead to more joy. Go for it if you love realistic and inspiring movies.
Directed By Alexander Payne
Starring : Jack Nicholson & Kathy Bates

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