The best movie I have seen till date about a psycho killer with split personality. I should not reveal the secret of the movie so you will have to see it to believe it. A masterpiece by the king of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. This movie is the source of inspiration for uncountable directors all over the world. And its has some of the best and first of its kind scenes shot in the history of cinema. Like the scene of the murder in the shower and the scene revealing the suspense in the end. Apart from the brilliant direction and camerawork, the third most powerful pillar of the movie is its background score which keeps haunting you in the dark even days after you have seen the movie. There are many interesting facts associated with this classic when it was premiered for the first time. A psychological hyped release was planned superbly for this suspense & horror film. Simply not to be missed at any cost if you love cinema & its power.
Directed By Alfred Hitchcock
Starring : Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh & Vera Miles


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