Some movies shake you and disturb you to some extent with their strong and heavy content. Irreversible is one of those rare movies which is strictly not for children and for not for people with weak hearts. The movie has two strong assets. One is it’s narration which goes backward with time. That means you see the events happening backward in time like from 3pm night to 6pm of the last evening. And secondly its hard hitting, brutal and shockingly executed shot of a sexual assault in the subway. You will be amazed to think that how the scene was shot and moreover how the actors enacted it. Truly spectacular, a movie of its own kind. See it if you want get a shock of your life. Don’t see it with the family and children. Infact the DVD should have this warning on it. It’s one of the movies with the strongest impact ever.
Directed By Gaspar Noe
Starring : Monica Bellucci & Vincent Cassel


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