Surprises and unknown facts about that part of the world are the highlights of this great movie called “Kandahar”. The movie made me a fan of Irani cinema and its makers. Its not just about the landscapes and beauty of the place, but its about the pain, love and discomfort experienced by the people living there without any choice. The most disturbing scene is how the people get their artificial limbs as they have lost it due to the unidentified mines in the land. Its totally a shock seeing the kind of life children are living there and specially the girls. Enlighteningly, this movie teaches you about how life can at times become so tough and has to be lived like a curse. It must be rated among the Best Movies in the World Cinema as it truly deserves a place among others. Thanks to Mohsen Makhmalbaf for making this important movie, capable of bringing transformations in the thinking patterns of the viewer. Please don’t waste any more time of yours and please don’t hesitate as it’s a foreign language movie, just watch it NOW.
Directed By Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Starring : Nelofer Pazira & Hassan Tantai


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