Schindler’s List (1993)

Posted: 8 November, 2007 in 1. Movies To See Before You Die, Historical
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Steven Spielberg’s one of the greatest movies of all time and he makes a major contribution to the world cinema with this movie. Very few films have the power to transform you into that era where you can feel the pain and sufferings of the people who were actually there at that time. This film takes the curtains off from one of the most bitter truths of the history and makes you witness the horrors of the Holocaust and War. One of the best war films of all times and you must watch it as a mandatory clause. After you have seen the 3 hours and 17 minutes of Spielberg’s work, it will be something you will never forget and you will feel proud of all those who tried to help some people survive. Spielberg deliberately made it in black & white to have a more authentic feel and you feel like watching real history. The tagline of the movie says “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire” and you can feel the depth of the words after seeing it. Superbly directed by Steven Spielberg, amazingly photographed in black-and-white, perfectly performed by everyone and it all gets more effective with the brilliant background score. It would be a crime to miss it.
Directed By Steven Spielberg
Starring : Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley & More


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