This is the second most disturbing movie I have seen after “Irreversible”. The film is strictly not recommended to the young ones due to its high dosage of violence and bloodshed. It is a widely acclaimed Brazilian movie, mainly emphasizing on the children and youth involving in crime. Technically its a brilliant movie and a well shot film but it also has merciless killings and gang war scenes. The most disturbing scenes are of the killings by the children around the age of 10 & 15. It’s a rare thing imagining a scene where a child is fearlessly pressing the trigger, killing countless people and also has a big smile on his face. Another spine chilling scene is where a small child is shot at his feet and as he’s crying in pain, the other young ones are laughing at him. The film is based on real life happenings and the thought that it was all real at some place send shivers to the body. A very strong & bold movie, should not be seen with or by children as it can make a negative effect on the young minds. But strongly recommended for students of World Cinema.
Directed By Fernando Meirelles


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