Children OF Heaven (1997) (Iran)

Posted: 8 November, 2007 in 1. Movies To See Before You Die, World Cinema
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There are very few films made on and with children as the main characters. And this is one of those rare and classic movies which has won hearts all over the world. Its also one of the most famous movies which have earned the respect for Irani Cinema in all the countries. The story also deserves all the praises as it’s a beautiful thought portrayed on the celluloid. Its about a brother and sister who are from a poor family. The brother looses a pair of shoe of her sister when he is busy purchasing in the market for the house. Now they don’t want to tell this to their father as they know he doesn’t have the money to buy her a new pair. So they decide to share one pair of shoes to the school. It becomes possible as the girl is in a morning shift and the boy studies in the evening shift. How they manage with one pair for many days is a sheer delight to watch. And the story progresses when the boy decides to fight a race competition in which he can win a new pair of shoes as the second prize. So he says that he will not come first but will be second in the race to win the pair. The climax is just superb and there are no words to describe the emotions shown by all the child actors in the film. There are many more brilliant sequences in the movie worth watching many times. A film which will straight away win your heart and you will like to show it to all the members in your family. Don’t hesitate watching it as it is foreign language film. You will regret it if you choose to give this a miss. Strongly recommended for all in the family.
Directed By Majid Majidi

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