Babel (2006) (France – English)

Posted: 20 November, 2007 in 1. Movies To See Before You Die, World Cinema
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This is a different kind of movie with different plots woven into one story. The director has attempted a similar kind of plot in his first movie also which was “Amores Perros”. But this time he has given more emphasis on emotions and love. All the stories just move into each other very gradually and you just go on watching how every single scene in the storyline is related to each other. As the story unfolds it keeps on opening more layers beautifully. All the characters live their roles very realistically and it all becomes quite believable. A very impressive and bold movie which also connects many cultures of the world in its brilliant screenplay. A must see for all who love this medium of storytelling.
Directed By Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Starring Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Mohammed Akhzam & More

  1. books and films says:

    One of the most overrated films of recent times.As I have the DVD AND SEEN IT FEW TIMES,I feel I am right.It does try to give a docu-drama type of feeling by jarring camera work.But ultimately it becomes too much.It also fails to capture the viewers’ attention while telling three different stories.

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