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Words fell short as I start writing about this impressive emotional movie from “Aamir Khan” & his team. Unarguably the film deserves a standing ovation for its unusual content and for its near perfect execution. The impact I felt after viewing it was quite similar to what I felt after watching movies of great film makers like Bimol Roy and Guru Dutt.

Aamir Khan delivers what was expected from him, an out of the routine, emotional, memorable and enlightening film which is capable of bringing changes in the lives of many families. The film revolves around a boy who is facing difficulties in studies and his teacher who comes in his life as a morning breeze. The film emphasizes completely on the character of the child, his thoughts and it’s a journey into the imaginative world of his mind. The visual interpretation of what he is thinking is innovatively shot and is a visual treat to watch.

Aamir Khan is a thinking brain with a heart of gold and that he has proved with his directorial venture. He has the guts of following his heart and coming out with an unconventional film like this. Another merit of the film is that it is not preachy, it teaches along with providing the required entertainment to the viewers.

The film talks about a condition of a child who is finding tough to compete with his classmates but it never talks about it as a disease or a mental disorder to cure. Aamir focuses on the fact that we got to give proper attention to all kids as everyone has his own areas of abilities. He also pin points on to the parents who always want their children to score in their studies and just ignore the other aspects of life relating to art and culture.

Darsheel Safary, the eight year old child has given a stunning performance. He is not acting, he is emoting his character and has done his part so well that he even overshadows the subtle and cool performance of Aamir. Another actor to watch out is Tisca Chopra as the mother of the child. She is just perfect and makes you remember the motherly touch in your childhood days. The scenes of Aamir with the father of the child are the most effective in the movie. The lyrics of Prasoon Joshi are above than the music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. They both are more impressive while watching the movie.

In short, it’s the movie which should be watched as a compulsion by all parents along with their children (would be parents too) and also by all the teachers who should feel the responsibility they have towards each & every child they teach.

Concluding my review I would like to request my Indian film lovers that this is a movie which is meant to be watched without munching the popcorn and rightfully deserves a respectful viewing. Hats off to Aamir Khan and Thanks for giving us “Taare Zameen Par”.

The movie is simply above the star rating system……




The latest in the inspired comedy series is this laugh riot which is full of stars. The basic plot is inspired from the Hugh Grant movie “Mickey Blue Eyes” (1999) & “Marrying the Mafia” (Korea). Even the hero’s profession is kept same as an art house auctioneer. But then the script takes on indianized plots and tries to make you laugh through comic sequences. No doubt the promotional packaging was superb which surely gave the movie a big initial draw at the cinema houses. But the content is rather not impressive and its like several comedy sequences joined together. The focus of the screenplay keeps shifting from one plot to another.

The biggest disappointment is that it has less of Akshay and the viewer keeps waiting for the scenes with his brilliant timing. There is more of Anil Kapoor & Nana Patekar as two dons. Nana is kind of same with his expected mannerisms but Anil is superb and acts like he is enjoying every minute of his act. He even looks a lot younger than his age. Feroz Khan looks graceful but is loud at some scenes. He has more scenes in the climax of the movie and is also introduced after the interval. The heroines are only there for the glamour quotient of the movie and could not ask for more in this heavy star cast movie.

The first half of the movie has many unwanted sequences which are only inserted to create laughter and have nothing to do with the screenplay. But the film gains momentum in the second half when Vijay Raaz enters as a phony film director. Infact in my opinion this plot of making Nana an actor in a fake film should have been the highlight of the movie, which could create more laughter’s in the cinema. The songs are all inserted as usual and only few are hummable.

The best part of the movie comes towards the climax after Katrina accidently shoots the son of Feroz Khan. The chase and the play with the dead body afterwards is surely hilarious. It is the main highlight of the movie as you get to see some quality comedy scenes and timing in this.

In all the film is not as expected but still will brings audiences to the cinemas due to the superb promotional packaging, immensely popular catchy title song “Welcome” and due to the current hot thing in Bollywood – Akshay Kumar.

Rating : 2 Stars 


Very few films are made on the topic of Alcoholism and on the pain in the life of prostitutes. This landmark movie merges both serious topics impressively and takes you onto a different journey all together. At one end you are made familiar with the psyche of alcoholic played by Nicholas Cage. He is now on to end his life drinking and his act of a drunkard is no doubt one of the best acts of this genre till date. You can feel the end of the road for him and he really looks drunk heavily actually in many scenes. Then in Las Vegas he spends a night with a hooker played by Elisabeth Shue and she starts liking this helpless man. Here the other end of the movie starts where the emphasis is on the love of this women, which is non demanding and expressive. The director then takes you to a different world of pain in her life. We are made to see the tough days she has to face in her profession. And the last 20 minutes of the film will make you speechless as the scenes come & go. The screenplay and its portrayal leave a hard hitting stunning impact on the viewer. The film is strictly for adults as it has some extremely bold scenes which can disturb. Both the lead actors deserved an Oscar for their performances, but only Nicholas Cage got it and Elisabeth got a nomination. I wish she should have got one too for her innocent & pure performance. You keep remembering her face as the end credits role. Simply one of the most powerful, emotional, well made and impressively acted movie on alcoholism and flesh trade. Highly recommended, only for mature audiences.
Directed By Mike Figgis
Starring : Nicholas Cage & Elisabeth Shue

In my earlier reviews I made a statement about Frank Capra and his movies. And after seeing his present flick I stand more strongly on my conclusion that “Frank Capra is the Hrishikesh Mukherjee of the West and vice-versa”. It is said that people in the west are not so emotional and are too practical. I find that saying wrong every time I see a Frank Capra movie. Emotions and human feelings are so alive in his movies and that too in a very lighter way like it is found in all Hrishi Da movies in hindi cinema. In this movie the story revolves around a father who has lost his business, its about his relation with his loving son, and with his wealthy brother who always comes to rescue him financially. The happenings are all shown in a comic way as in a light comedy. Its a simple film made straight from the heart. A must watch for all who live from their hearts and you will simply love it. Emotionally Recommended to all friends.
Produced & Directed By Frank Capra
Starring : Frank Sinatra, Edward G. Robinson, Eddie Hodges & More.

There is a tag line to this movie, which goes like this, “Everything you trust. Everything you know. May be a lie”. The line is so cunning and shocking, and you also feel the same while watching this great thriller and court room drama. Whenever I see a “Morgan Freeman” movie, I become a greater fan of his. A true actor in the complete sense. Here he is a looser lawyer who is higher by a lady (who is a high powered lawyer herself) to fight the case for her husband who is suddenly arrested with mass murder charges. He was in the military and now they have to fight military justice system themselves. As the film moves, more surprising layers unfold and you watch each development with eyes wide open. There are completely unexpected twists and turns which powerful enough to blow the mind. One of best thrillers I have seen, Highly Recommended.
Directed By Carl Franklin
Starring : Ashley Judd & Morgan Freeman

You may have seen movies in which a person can predict something which is going to happen, but the same theme is most effectively adopted in this movie and specially in its 1st & 2nd part. The sequences give you thrill and make you stick to your seats as the film moves. Special mention and praise is deserved by the special effects people who have done some amazing works. I bet you may have never seen a road accident more effective before in any movies as it is there in the part II of the sequel. The moment you finish Part 1 you will be eager to know what happens in Part 2. A highly entertaining and fast paced adventurous movie you will love to watch again.
Directed By James Wong

The movie has a simple message which is very familiar to all of us, but only a few follow it. It simply tries to explain that “Life is a Game”, play it – enjoy it cause one day the game will end. Appreciated by critics and movie lovers all over the world, the movie is capable of winning hearts. It starts with a love story and has lighter moments of fun in the first half. Later the film gets serious as it enter the War Zone. The hero and his son are taken to a Concentration Camp in which he has to face all the hardships of a prisoner. But his son doesn’t take it as a prison, as according to his father this is all a game they are playing and the winning prize is a Tank. So the child is always explained the things from the point of view of a game and that’s a real insight and a brave attempt by the actor-director Roberto Benigni. All the explanations given to the child are written beautifully and the film is rightly titled “Life is Beautiful”. Watch it if you take your life as a gift from the almighty. And if possible do remember the message of this masterpiece, which says “Life is a Game”. Seriously Recommended to all friends.
Directed By Roberto Benigni (Also in lead role)