Life Is Beautiful (1997) (Italy)

Posted: 12 December, 2007 in 1. Movies To See Before You Die, World Cinema
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The movie has a simple message which is very familiar to all of us, but only a few follow it. It simply tries to explain that “Life is a Game”, play it – enjoy it cause one day the game will end. Appreciated by critics and movie lovers all over the world, the movie is capable of winning hearts. It starts with a love story and has lighter moments of fun in the first half. Later the film gets serious as it enter the War Zone. The hero and his son are taken to a Concentration Camp in which he has to face all the hardships of a prisoner. But his son doesn’t take it as a prison, as according to his father this is all a game they are playing and the winning prize is a Tank. So the child is always explained the things from the point of view of a game and that’s a real insight and a brave attempt by the actor-director Roberto Benigni. All the explanations given to the child are written beautifully and the film is rightly titled “Life is Beautiful”. Watch it if you take your life as a gift from the almighty. And if possible do remember the message of this masterpiece, which says “Life is a Game”. Seriously Recommended to all friends.
Directed By Roberto Benigni (Also in lead role)

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