There is a tag line to this movie, which goes like this, “Everything you trust. Everything you know. May be a lie”. The line is so cunning and shocking, and you also feel the same while watching this great thriller and court room drama. Whenever I see a “Morgan Freeman” movie, I become a greater fan of his. A true actor in the complete sense. Here he is a looser lawyer who is higher by a lady (who is a high powered lawyer herself) to fight the case for her husband who is suddenly arrested with mass murder charges. He was in the military and now they have to fight military justice system themselves. As the film moves, more surprising layers unfold and you watch each development with eyes wide open. There are completely unexpected twists and turns which powerful enough to blow the mind. One of best thrillers I have seen, Highly Recommended.
Directed By Carl Franklin
Starring : Ashley Judd & Morgan Freeman


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