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Sunday : In a straight review SUNDAY is not what you expect after seeing the promising promos. It’s a mixture of thriller and comedy sequences. Whereas the comedy sequences are highly enjoyable, there is no thrill in the suspense and murder mystery element of the script. The film is said to be a remake of a HIT Telugu film ANUKOKUNDA OKA ROJU [2005]. The Telugu original must be more enjoyable fare as it was a big hit but the hindi version lacks the right punch needed for a blockbuster.
In fact director Rohit Shetty seems confused in whether to make a comedy film or a fast paced thriller. Many plots and characters are deliberately inserted, which are clearly spotted by a average filmgoer too.
For instance :
1. Ajay Devgan’s character of a ice cream eating cop is the most unimpressive one. He just plays the role and doesn’t seem to be interested in the movie at all.
2. The murder mystery has no surprise element in it as some unknown character just enters the climax as the main culprit.
3. The most disappointing thing is that Irfan Khan, an actor of endless capabilities has got no definite role and he is just included in the movie to add to its project value. He has no involvement in the script and is just wasted as a comedy character. However it is his own brilliance that he again comes up as the best thing in the movie with his excellent comic timing.
4. Even Arshad Warsi, is not given the mileage he needed and he is also just another character in the script.
5. The action sequences on the actual locations of Chandni Chowk, Delhi and the item number of “Esha Deol” are clearly added as the last moment insertions. The director could have easily avoided them.
6. Ayesha Takia working as Cartoon Dubbing artist is given unwanted footage. She just acts in the movie as a routine work.
The script surely has a new concept, but is not handled in a promising manner. Music is also below average.. The only enjoyable moments in the movie are the scenes with Arshad Warsi & Irfan Khan. They both are highly entertaining together and the viewer keeps waiting for them to come on screen again.
In all, Sunday is certainly not a good thriller movie but can only be seen once for the comedy by the talented pair – Arshad Warsi & Irfan Khan.Ratings : 2.5 / 5 

It was really surprising to see this sheer poetry on the celluloid coming from a person who is known more for his action and cowboy image, that’s Clint Eastwood. This is his emotional and sensitive movie which forces us to think about whether we are enjoying our lives being where we are, or we still regret the decision we made in our lives. I was completely spellbound as the end credits rolled and really enjoyed every minute of this movie till its last scene. The story is about four days in the life of a happily married lady, which she lived with a complete stranger. She cherishes and remembers those four days till her last breath and leaves her diaries with all her confessions for her two grown up children to read. Meryl Streep is superb and lovable as the lady and Clint Eastwood himself plays the role of the photographer who accidently comes in her life.
The movie has some emotionally written scenes which have a spiritual value. The dialogues make you look inside your own life and question your own existence and its worth. The unsaid conversations between Meryl and her husband, who know everything are filmed in the most impressive way. The best part is that as the children read their mother’s diaries, at first the boy feels disgusting reading it, but then understands the feelings of her mother who was also a loving women from inside. And its even more beautiful that at the end they both don’t feel any guilt for their mother but feel proud at her innocence and truthfulness.
Mahesh Manjrekar made “Astitva” in hindi, inspired from this movie, but changed the sensitive topic into a tense drama which becomes cunning and sarcastic in the end. He kept the character of the lady alive to face all the hardships after her confession. Whereas the original movie is lovable till the last scene, the hindi version has only one saving grace “Tabu” who has acted brilliantly. For many reasons, still “Meryl Streep” is more believable in her impactful act. She is just adorable in the scenes which show her inner conflicts. Along with “Clint Eastwood” they both look like real life lovers and talk through their eyes.This is a poetic expression on screen straight from heart, not to be missed, even if you have seen “Astitva” or not.
Directed By Clint Eastwood
Starring : Meryl Streep & Clint Eastwood

I Confess (1953)
Its one of the most under-rated films directed by Alfred Hitchcock. You will find more written about his other movies rather than “I Confess” in books and articles about his style of film making. But the film is truly a memorable experience as it includes thrill and emotions in the right dosages. The film got mixed reviews at the time of its release as it was way ahead of its time. The amazing feature of the movie is that the viewer is shown the murder and the murderer right in the first scene and he also confesses to the priest for his crime. And when the suspicion shifts on to the priest himself who has heard the confession, then you can just feel the restlessness with the priest, as he knows the truth, but cannot speak for himself. Hitchcock uses flashback in a very romantic manner which gives a soft touch to the otherwise a thriller movie. The climax is brilliantly directed and the movie shows the mastery Hitchcock had in choosing his stories and subjects. A must see for all Hitchcock fans and lovers of quality thrillers.
Directed By Alfred Hitchcock
Starring : Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter & Karl Malden

In few words, the movie doesn’t seem to be a product of Nagesh. If you are expecting something on the lines of “Dor” or “3 Deewarein”, then you will not only be disappointed big time but would also feel shocked to see such a mediocre product coming from the famous off beat film-maker Nagesh Kukunoor.
He tries his hand on a comic subject for the second time after his first comedy “Bollywood Calling”. But the latest one can be termed as the weakest movie made by him till date which is neither a comedy nor an enjoyable adventure movie.
It seems as Nagesh started the movie with only Shreyas Talpade in mind and with no script at all. The film is about a simple boy running with the money of a gangster to Bangkok disguised as a doctor. There he meets a sex worker and falls in love with her. That’s the main story with many unattended plots which the director just forgets to take care of.
1. Shreyas Talpade, just runs to Bangkok, leaving behind his mother on the mercy of God.
2. Naseeruddin Shah comes in one scene as the Top Gangster and then vanishes off to do some another movie I suppose.
3. A very weird love affair is shown between a rapper gangster and the psychiatrist doctor. This could have been a comedy plot but is not capable of generating any laughter.
Shreyas is just ok in his act and he is also helpless since the script itself has nothing to offer. Lena (The Thai heroine) is more expressive in emotional scenes and does her part well. The best act is there from the Sardarji character ‘Rachinder’. In fact he is the only enjoyable element in the movie with some good scenes.
The songs have some unusual lyrics and they are used only as fillers. The otherwise beautiful city is shown as some dirty sea side village if we talk about the cinematography. The only impact the film can make is that it will be an insight into the flesh trade of Bangkok for the people who have not been there and now they will be more excited to visit.
In all, I just couldn’t figure out what Nagesh Kukunoor was thinking to make out of this movie and what section of the movie lovers he wanted to target this time. He would surely like to forget about his latest attempt and move on to his more promising future projects.Ratings : 1 Star (you can give it a miss easily) 

Simply Brilliant, Superb and Congratulations to all associated with this film. I was not aware of this movie and its excellence and just got hold of it by chance. A fine example of good cinema on an unusual plot. All the actors play their heart out in the movie and that makes it a must watch for everyone. The film is about Dr. Ethan Powell, who chooses to stay in a jungle with Gorillas and stays there with them for 2 long years. During his stay with the awesome creatures an incident happens which in turn makes him a killer and he just chooses to becomes silent. Young Dr. Theo Calder, takes up his case and tries to make him speak about what actually happened. Then starts the outstanding expressions of life, our values and human feelings hidden in all of us. It is a kind of new psychological journey which makes you think that the animal world has still got that innocence which we humans have lost somehow. The film makes you re-discover yourself and raises a question that what we are doing with our gift of life. I rank this film, as one of best movies I have seen. A Shining Five Star rating and Strongly Recommended for all lovers of good cinema.
Directed by John Turteltaub
Starring : Anthony Hopkins, Cuba Gooding Jr, Maura Tierney & More

This Oscar nominated movie is based on a true incident in the medical field. A doctor totally devoted to his job suggests a new drug to be tried on some patients, who are in coma like state, on an experimental basis. One patient’s mother volunteers her son for the medication, who has been in that state from last 30 years, hoping that he would be cured with this. Miraculously the patient shows drastic changes and starts behaving very much like the normal. Then the same medicine is given to other patients in the same state. Strangely all the patients show significant changes within days and start behaving like normal people. Then suddenly after few days they all show no improvements at all and again reach the same stage of coma in a few days. The increase in dosage by the doctor also could not bring them back. No one could explain what happened in those few days in between and what chemical reaction caused that improvement in all patients. It remains like a natural mystery unsolved till date. The director impressively captures the tender moments of the relationships between doctors, nurses and their patients. Few moments in the movie and you feel like being with them in the hospital. The doctor here is played by Robin Williams who is very lovable in his act. And his experimental patient has been played by Robert De Niro who was also nominated for his act in the Oscars. He has really given life to the character of the suffering patient. Watch out for some true one liner gems in the dialogues written beautifully. A truly novel experience for all, simply not to be missed.
Directed By Penny Marshall
Starring : Robert De Niro & Robin Williams.

In simple words – “That’s Cinema In Its Purest Form”.
Unarguably the film deserves a standing ovation for its unusual content and for its near perfect execution. Aamir Khan delivers what was expected from him, an out of the routine, emotional, memorable and enlightening film which is capable of bringing changes in the lives of many families. The film revolves around a boy who is facing difficulties in studies and his teacher who comes in his life as a morning breeze. The film emphasizes completely on the character of the child, his thoughts and it’s a journey into the imaginative world of his mind. The visual interpretation of what he is thinking is innovatively shot and is a visual treat to watch .
Aamir Khan has the guts to follow his heart and hats off to him for coming up with an unconventional film like this for his directorial debut. Another merit of the film is that it is not preachy, it teaches along with providing the required entertainment to the viewers. The film talks about a condition of a child who is finding tough to compete with his classmates but it never talks about it as a disease or a mental disorder to cure. Aamir focuses on the fact that we got to give proper attention to all kids as everyone has his own areas of abilities. He also pin points on to the parents who always want their children to score in their studies and just ignore the other aspects of life relating to art and culture.
Darsheel Safary, the eight year old child has given a stunning performance. He is not acting, he is emoting his character and has done his part so well that he even overshadows the subtle and cool performance of Aamir. Another actor to watch out is Tisca Chopra as the mother of the child. She is just perfect and makes you remember the motherly touch in your childhood days. The scenes of Aamir with the father of the child are the most effective in the movie. The lyrics of Prasoon Joshi are above than the music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. They both are more impressive while watching the movie.
In short, it’s the movie which should be watched as a compulsion by all parents along with their children (would be parents too) and also by all the teachers who should feel the responsibility they have towards each & every child they teach. The movie is simply above the star rating system……
Directed By Aamir Khan
Starring : Darsheel Safary, Aamir Khan, Tisca Chopra and more.
Music By Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics By Prasoon Joshi