A pure Hitchcokian movie with all the thrills, excitements and suspense which is always there in his masterpieces. The movie is also rated among his best works from the black and white era. The story is about an old lady who disappears in a train and then it leads to further confusions and many thrilling sequences afterwards. There are small entertaining subplots running simultaneously with the main storyline like the conversations of two cricket fanatics travelling in the train. The climax of the movie is quite amusing with the surprise element executed brilliantly by the master of suspense. Don’t avoid this taking it as a black and white movie. It is still a much better thriller than many of the current ones. The movie is capable of turning you into a Alfred Hitchcock fan altogether. Highly Recommended.
Directed By Alfred Hitchcock
Starring : Margarate Lockwood, Michael Redgrave & More.

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