This Oscar nominated movie is based on a true incident in the medical field. A doctor totally devoted to his job suggests a new drug to be tried on some patients, who are in coma like state, on an experimental basis. One patient’s mother volunteers her son for the medication, who has been in that state from last 30 years, hoping that he would be cured with this. Miraculously the patient shows drastic changes and starts behaving very much like the normal. Then the same medicine is given to other patients in the same state. Strangely all the patients show significant changes within days and start behaving like normal people. Then suddenly after few days they all show no improvements at all and again reach the same stage of coma in a few days. The increase in dosage by the doctor also could not bring them back. No one could explain what happened in those few days in between and what chemical reaction caused that improvement in all patients. It remains like a natural mystery unsolved till date. The director impressively captures the tender moments of the relationships between doctors, nurses and their patients. Few moments in the movie and you feel like being with them in the hospital. The doctor here is played by Robin Williams who is very lovable in his act. And his experimental patient has been played by Robert De Niro who was also nominated for his act in the Oscars. He has really given life to the character of the suffering patient. Watch out for some true one liner gems in the dialogues written beautifully. A truly novel experience for all, simply not to be missed.
Directed By Penny Marshall
Starring : Robert De Niro & Robin Williams.

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