Instinct (1999)

Posted: 12 January, 2008 in 1. Movies To See Before You Die, Thrillers
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Simply Brilliant, Superb and Congratulations to all associated with this film. I was not aware of this movie and its excellence and just got hold of it by chance. A fine example of good cinema on an unusual plot. All the actors play their heart out in the movie and that makes it a must watch for everyone. The film is about Dr. Ethan Powell, who chooses to stay in a jungle with Gorillas and stays there with them for 2 long years. During his stay with the awesome creatures an incident happens which in turn makes him a killer and he just chooses to becomes silent. Young Dr. Theo Calder, takes up his case and tries to make him speak about what actually happened. Then starts the outstanding expressions of life, our values and human feelings hidden in all of us. It is a kind of new psychological journey which makes you think that the animal world has still got that innocence which we humans have lost somehow. The film makes you re-discover yourself and raises a question that what we are doing with our gift of life. I rank this film, as one of best movies I have seen. A Shining Five Star rating and Strongly Recommended for all lovers of good cinema.
Directed by John Turteltaub
Starring : Anthony Hopkins, Cuba Gooding Jr, Maura Tierney & More

  1. Bavani says:

    Thanks Bobby! Really its a eye opener as far as I am concerned ! Only after seeing this film I made a major decision in my life.That is choosing my freedom over my security. Yes.We have a choice to be free.i strongly believe that films do wonders in one’s life.Because it touches the deep subconscious which accepts only visuals as reality.I am deeply inspired by your blog.All The Best.

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