I Confess (1953)
Its one of the most under-rated films directed by Alfred Hitchcock. You will find more written about his other movies rather than “I Confess” in books and articles about his style of film making. But the film is truly a memorable experience as it includes thrill and emotions in the right dosages. The film got mixed reviews at the time of its release as it was way ahead of its time. The amazing feature of the movie is that the viewer is shown the murder and the murderer right in the first scene and he also confesses to the priest for his crime. And when the suspicion shifts on to the priest himself who has heard the confession, then you can just feel the restlessness with the priest, as he knows the truth, but cannot speak for himself. Hitchcock uses flashback in a very romantic manner which gives a soft touch to the otherwise a thriller movie. The climax is brilliantly directed and the movie shows the mastery Hitchcock had in choosing his stories and subjects. A must see for all Hitchcock fans and lovers of quality thrillers.
Directed By Alfred Hitchcock
Starring : Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter & Karl Malden

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