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This is one of the most unusual and innovative kind of films which take you into the human psyche of a man and women. The film is about a middle aged man who is passionate about women and has numerous relationships in his life which is as fast as the speeding train. The director makes you understand what the male hero feels whenever he sees a beautiful woman and sometimes you feel that you may have felt the same in that situation. And later the hero also decides to write about all his relationships in a book, which is also accepted by a publisher. One of the best scene is when the women who is typing the manuscript of the book, refuses to type further as she cannot morally accept the content of the book. But its all depicted in a very light manner and the movie is not narrated in a normal way. Some may consider it as a kind of documentary work on the study of a man’s feelings towards women. But in any case the movie is enlightening enough as it also explains the thoughts of women in some situations on the other side. The greatness and the strong impact of the movie can be judged with its opening scene only. The first scene is about a graveyard where a man is being buried and there are all women and only women coming to attend his funeral. Truly entertaining and enlightening stuff, but not for the mainstream cinema lovers. Highly Recommended for all students of cinema.
Directed By Francois Truffaut
Starring : Charles Denner & Many Women

Ashutosh proves himself once again with his New Age Epic and gives a new dimension to the word ‘GRANDEUR’ in Indian Cinema. The very first thing I suggest is that don’t consider it as an Historical movie, rather see it as a fiction and keep aside all the controversies related with Jodha, her actual name and her relationship with Akbar. The second thing I would like to say that as most of the people took it as a miscast movie, “its not”. The casting is just perfect and after watching it you cannot consider any other actor portraying the role of Akbar among the young generation so brilliantly except Hrithik.Hrithik is again at his best and has done full justice with his character. Especially he is incomparable in the scenes where he shows his anger. Equally impressive is Aishwarya as Jodha and she provides all the dignity and beauty needed by her character. Here I would like to add that the promos of the film are only 10% of its actual worth, so don’t be mislead by them. It is purely a love story in the background of ruling Mughals & their conflicts with Rajputs.There are many scenes which are among the main highlights of the film which include :
1. Hrithik taming a Wild Elephant.
2. Sufi Dance by Hrithik in the song “Khwaja Mere Khwaja.”
3. Bhajan Chanting being heard in a Mughal Emperor’s Darbar.
4. The Sequence of Akbar Jodha with Sindoor.
5. Death Sentence to Adam (Akbar’s cousin brother)
6. And the Man to Man fight sequence in the Climax.

Rating : 4 / 5 (Watch it on big screen only)

The movie starts slowly and is less impressive at the start. It starts picking up after 40 min and then keeps growing on the viewer. By the time it ends you don’t seem to mind its more than 3 hours duration, but still it could be trimmed at the start and also could do without a couple of songs. The second half is surely more engrossing than the first.

A. R. Rahman is excellent with his background score but is less impressive in the song department with only two enjoyable tracks “Azeemo-Shan Shehenshah” and “Khwaja Mere Khwaja”. The Sufi Qawwali has got a mystic touch given by the maestro which takes you to a trance. Moreover, you feel heavy influence of western instruments in the score whereas the film is a period drama. So they could have been replaced by ethnic Indian instruments according to the time period of the story. The Camerawork and Art Direction are among the best and they impress to a great extent.

The entire star cast excels and after the lead pair, among the top are Sonu Sood & Nikitin Dheer . The surprise act is by Mrs. Poonam Sinha as Akbar’s mother. The voice over of Amitabh Bachhan is also just apt for the grand project. Hrithik seems to be born for the role and Aishwarya looks as an eternal beauty with her majestically designed costumes and jewellery.

Ashutosh Gowariker makes a statement with this project and proves that he has got the vision to think of Hrithik as Akbar and also the capability of making an Epic movie with this grandeur. He also takes utmost care of the Hindu Muslim thought involved in the story. Still the Hinduism factor is somehow given more mileage in the movie. The climax sequences with endless plains and desert in the background reminded me of “Lawrence of Arabia” which is indeed a compliment for Ashutosh and his team.

To sum up, it’s a movie to be enjoyed in its grandness on theaters only and for the brilliant performances of Hrithik and Aishwarya. This kind of a grand movie will not be there in many coming years, so don’t waste the opportunity by watching it on small screens. And also don’t miss it just taking it as a historical movie, there may be mixed reviews but you will surely enjoy it.


If you take a look at the starcast of “Mithya” then you just cant help expecting a worth seeing movie. With names like Nasserudin Shah, Saurabh Shukla, Ranvir Shorey and Vinay Pathak coming together, it was lot more expected from the director Rajat Kapoor. I have read some reviews from reputed persons, praising the movie to great lengths, but I don’t agree with it as I found it just above average and its nothing path breaking or something great novel in the movie apart from its top rate performances.


The story line moves around a struggler actor who by chance has the same face of a Don. Knowing this, he is kidnapped by the rival gang and trained to be planted in place of the Don by killing the original one. Now whats new in that, I couldn’t understand. The only difference this time is that the man is planted by the rival gang and not by the police (as we have seen in DON). Another addition is that the director tries to add some Mithya kind of spirituality in the movie by showing that we cant control what destiny has in store for us. But the film lacks the grip in the second half and also has an unexplained and sudden climax. For some viewers it may be a kind of Artistic touch to the movie but I would like to disagree to that thought completely, as I neither found it entertaining or enlightening.


The best part of the movie is Ranvir Shorey, who is superb in double role. He plays the comic sequences and the serious ones with equal conviction. And the next revelation is Neha Dhupia, who also acts this time impressively. 


The worst thing is that the recently famous and talented “Vinay Pathak” of “Bheja Fry” fame is completely wasted with very few and unimportant scenes.  His associate in the movie gets more comic lines than him and Vinay surely deserved a better role. His death scene is the strangest as there is no explanation of what happened to his body even when Neha shoots him in the house of her aunty. Moreover no one even cares about talking about Neha killing Vinay Pathak.


Naseruddin Shah and Saurabh Shukla are fine as always but Harsh Chhaya does an excellent job as the Don’s younger brother. The background music and few songs are just ok.


The film is not a comedy as shown in the promos on air, so that is another drawback in the movie. In all a lot more was expected from this team after their earlier ventures. The film is a multiplex movie with some artistic touches to it, but finding viewers even there, will be a tough task in the coming days.


Ratings : 2.5 / 5