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If this is a 2008 product from one of the biggest production house of Indian Film Industry (Yash Raj) then I am afraid Naseeruddin Shah was right in saying that “it will take us 100 more years to reach the quality of Hollywood Films”.

If you can go wrong to this length with such an enormous star cast of Anil, Akshay, Saif and Kareena, then movie making is still to be studied much harder by everyone associated with this film. The film lacks in almost all departments except cinematography and Akshay Kumar. He has a few good dialogues to render but that alone cannot make you enjoy a flick with huge expectations.

The first scene of a car going down into a river from the mountain has very cheap graphics like that of a cartoon film. That itself was a clear indicator of the director’s vision. Every actor who otherwise is an asset to a movie is simply wasted. And Saif will surely hit himself thinking why he signed this movie.

In short IT’S THE BIGGEST WASTE OF RESOURSES AFTER “JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM”. I would say that even “Aaja Nachle” was a better enjoyable movie than this.

One cannot understand how and why this kind of script was written and approved. After the faulty script the weakest point of the movie is its music. Vishal Shekhar have given just some filler tunes to each song. The songs start off very well and suddenly the tunes drop drastically. Only one song “Falak Tak Chal” is somehow good of all in the lot. An opportunity wasted by Vishal Shekhar.

Regarding the continuity intelligence of the makers just sample this : Akshay and Saif are on the road in the hilly area of a foreign Location (probably Ladakh). In the next scene they are searching for Kareena in Haridwar and then back in the hills with Kareena in the dicky of their car. I am still thinking who wrote this.

If you manage to sit till the last then the climax is too long with silly and unnecessary stunts. You can see all the heroes walking through the storm of bullets not hurt as if they are GOD. Are we still seeing a 2008 movie with all these technical heights achieved? 

So no more words on this pathetic and downgrade movie but an advice to senior actors from their fan.

Dear Anil Kapoor & Akshay Kumar,

If possible please ask for a preview of your movies after their first copy is out. As artists of such stature, you have certain responsibilities towards your fans and viewers. People still clap for you as you enter the screen in your first scenes respectively. I think this kind of movie should not see the daylight as it hampers the reputation of all associated with the movie, the actors and the production house both.

Rating : Half A Star (That also for Akshay’s effort only – Sorry!)

One of the few flawless and cleverly written scripts balanced with professional and polished performances. The movie just gives you no time to think and take a rest. A fast paced mystery thriller is about a Game which is played with your life after you willingly accept to play it, signing the due papers. Sounds interesting. Indeed it is. A novel idea executed perfectly takes you into the world of deceit, fun and adventure. Michael Douglas the lead actor, is gifted a company’s offer card by his younger brother. The company provides a unique service of providing new thrill to your life by playing a game with you. The game is completely unexpected, dangerous and has almost everyone involved in it. Bored with his routine lonely life, Douglas opts to play the game and signs the papers. The next few days he experiences the time of his life and every five minutes there are new twists and turns in the game to blow your mind. A roller coaster ride which will not allow you to go for breaks in between the movie. Sean Penn as the younger brother has very few scenes but he just takes you for a ride in the climax sequence. An intelligent brain twister with top rate performances and a brilliantly directed movie not to be missed at any cost.

Directed By David Fincher 

Starring : Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger & More







The Most Amazing Facts

About the All Time Block Buster “SHOLAY”


Would love to read your comments & views on the topic.

There is not a long list of actors who also became successful directors. But first Aamir Khan successfully proved it and now Ajay Devgan also shows his sparks of direction.

His directorial debut is a sensitive and emotional love story of a married couple. The real life pair Ajay & Kajol both fit to their roles as a ‘T’. A special worthy praise is deserved by Kajol for her lovable act and Ajay for choosing a difficult subject.

In simple words, U Me Aur Hum is not a family drama, it is not a film with bubbly valentine kind of love. But its intense, emotional and mature in content. Though it lacks in some departments but the overall impact at the end of the movie is quite touchy.

The first half starts with influences of “An Affair To Remember” and “The Notebook”. But after the marriage of the lead actors, the film just moves on to a different unexpected platform. The story is about the wife suffering with Alzheimer disease and how the family and friends around, face this truth with love and courage.

No doubt a difficult subject to choose for a directorial debut. The only problem is that the viewers expected a good enjoyable love story with many lighter moments to share. But the film is more of a slow, heavy and mature love story. Still Ajay Devgan, the director, manages to extract brilliant performances and also visualizes some memorable scenes which can make your eyes wet. Specially the last hour of the film. It has some very emotional scenes to cherish.

The most lacking department of the movie is the Music. If only it had some soothing and melodious love songs, the impact would have been 10 times better. There is no slow & soft love song with meaningful lyrics which was a must according to the demand of the script as I see it. May be Ajay avoided that deliberately. Vishal Bhardwaj misses the train this time.

Performance wise Kajol is superlative and majestic in all her characters. As a smart waitress, as a girl ready to fall in love, as a lover, as a wife and as a mother. She slips into all shades of her character with such an ease and elegance. Unarguably one of her best performances till date. Ajay is soft and has underplayed his character, but he emotes well as a worried and caring husband. His performance in the second half is much better and impressive. Another gem of a performance is by Divya Dutta. She excels in her small role and makes her presence felt. The scenes where all the friends are together are well written and executed.

It can be said that after “Taare Zameen Par” this is the second movie on the theme of a disease and how the family copes with it. But there should be no comparison drawn between the two. “U Me Aur Hum” is more for the mature audiences and it may be treated as “Heavy” by the younger generation.

But the movie has the truth of life in it. Anybody can face this, as we all live in an uncertain life. And “U ME Aur Hum” teaches how to live life with love even when the times are real tough.

Go for it if you love intense drama and feel that Love is the way to live Life.

Rating : 3.5/5 (I really wish it had better music)

A movie from the house of Rakesh Roshan certainly raises expecations. And the publicity just before the release did add to the excitement.

But all pump and show is nothing and the film disappoints in all departments.

First of all the movie is completely predictable from the very first scene and it simply goes on with sequences which are just repetition of stuff seen many times before. In a nutshell the story is about some friends witnessing a crime and then the villains keep following them in the rest of the movie. Only this time the novelty is that the four friends are all mental patients who find an opportunity to roam out of their hospital.

All the talented artists including Irfan Khan, Rajpal Yadav, Arshad Warsi and Juhi Chawla are just wasted and no one gets any scenes to talk about. Rajpal Yadav is the one who is better among the four patients as the freedom fighter. Arshad Warsi, strangely is not doing any comedy but shows that he can be an angry young man too. Irfan Khan can be seen trying to do the hard work as a mental doctor. Suresh Menon has no dialogues and speaks through his facial expressions. But as the script has nothing for them in store so they all seem to be helpless.

The movie is inspired from a 1989 movie “THE DREAM TEAM” but it’s not at all an impressive copy.

The greatest drawback is that it’s not a comedy, though it was publicised as a hilarious comedy flick. You keep waiting for comedy scenes to come but they are never there. All the songs come as an interruption and are also not enjoyable at all. The biggest let down is the “Ek Rupaiya” song after the interval, which makes you think, why the director chose this song to be there in last print. Only the last scene with some good dialogues is a kind of silver lining in the dark clouds.

The biggest asset of the movie ”Shahrukh Khan’s Item Number” is well shot but it alone cannot save the film from sinking. Neither can the dance numbers by Hrithik Roshan and Rakhi Sawant. Rajesh Roshan / Ram Sampat music has nothing to talk about except the item numbers.

The pace picks up just before the movie ends and the director tries to imitate a Priyadarshan kind of hilarious climax sequence which falls flat.

After you finish the screening you just wonder why Rakesh Roshan backed up this project. In my opinion the talented father and son (Rakesh & Hrithik) knew that they have a weak final product so that is the reason they added 2 item numbers and also had a last moment publicity gimmick of plagiarism.

A Big Let Down with a huge difference between the expectations and the final outcome. It is neither a good comedy nor a good thriller.

Rating : 1/5 (That too for the talented star cast and their efforts)







The Most Amazing Facts

About the All Time Block Buster “SHOLAY”


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As suggested by the look of the movie, it is about military background, but its entirely based on a court martial case about a incident which involves a senior officer killed by his subordinate.

First of all its no doubt a polished inspired version of Rob Reiner’s 1992 movie “A Few Good Men”. Secondly its quite surprising that this is a work of the same director who directed “Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye”. Samar Khan has really worked on his mistakes and directed a much better movie this time. Though the movie has its downslides but still its worth watching specially for viewers with the thinking caps.

Script wise Rahul Bose is playing the lawyer here fighting the case for the accused who has opted to be silent. Kay Kay is the Top Official person who is the culprit responsible for the blood-shed and Minisha Lamba is the journalist investigating with Rahul.

Talking about performances, Rahul starts off as laid back person but then transforms into a serious one with a mission on hand. He just does a fine job, but the fire seems missing in his fight. Minisha looks cute and gets a good role here. But she also looks pretty mature at places (may be due to make-up). Javed Jaffery as the opponent lawyer friend is just there to say his lines and doesn’t have much to do. On the other hand Amrita Rao impresses in her small cameo.

And above all there is Kay Kay who we all know is a great actor. He just outshines everyone in the few scenes he got. In fact I rate his scenes with Rahul, as the most powerful and the only saving grace for the movie. As the subject of movie differs from the original so there should be no comparisons made between Kay Kay and Jack Nicholson (The responsible top official in “A Few Good Men”).

Shaurya starts off slowly and the main problem is that nothing happens till the interval. There is no excitement in the first half and a song just after the intermission adds to the restlessness of the viewer.

There are two things which I couldn’t understand about the film-making here :

1. Why we always have to add songs and unrelated emotional angles in the movie. Samar should have avoided the songs completely in order to make the movie more tighter and to the point. And again the friendship angle of Rahul – Javed was also of no use and doesn’t have anything to contribute in the narration.

2. Why we cannot make a film on a theme, like Internal Military Affairs or Secrets. Why we have to induce regional and religious hatred into our scripts. Cannot we make a film on certain “Subjects” instead of just talking negatively about any particular religion.

In the last 20 minutes, the movie just turns into a normal revenge drama with the backdrop of communal riots. Only this tim there is a high official person using his powers to take revenge from a particular community.

As I see it the movie could be a far better experience if this angle would have been avoided. It could have been a thrilling court room drama based on exciting investigating sequences. But sadly it can only be called as a well made thoughtful movie, entertaining only to a certain section of viewers.

Rating : 2.5 / 5


If you like this flick, I would recommend to see the following two movies too.

1.  A Few Good Men (1992)    

2.  High Crimes (2002)

You will really have a good time watching these.