A beautiful piece of emotions portrayed on the celluloid. Unfortunately the problem of racial biases is still there in major parts of the world and this movie is one of the best ones on this topic. Multiple characters with different but inter-connected storyline is the base of the script which shows how people from various backgrounds deal with this racial discrimination problem in their life. The director, skillfully has shot some of the most powerful scenes, like the sequence of shooting the girl child and the last car accident scene. The visualisation in these has to be appreciated. Truly deserving it won three Oscars for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing of 2005 at the 78th Academy Awards. The film came with a very fresh outlook towards its theme and was the unexpected contender at the awards since it was shot at a very limited budget. Ir-respective of its low budget the movie has an immense impact on the viewer. The situations and sequences in the script are very similar to what we all experience in our daily life, especially by the people living in that part of the world. That was the reason responsible for the movie getting a unanimous response from all sectors and became an instant hit. A great movie recommended for a thoughtful viewing.
Directed By Paul Haggis
Starring : Don Cheadle, Sandra Bullock & More


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