Mr. Bean – The Current Inspiration Craze in Bollywood

Posted: 1 April, 2008 in 5. Articles on Cinema
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When we talk Comedy, among the first 10 names which come to our mind unarguably include Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. We all just love his hilarious episodes of the serial and also the few films he has done. His works are like a must for every cinema lover’s home video collection.Bollywood film-makers and actors were inspired by his comedy earlier also but recently many new releases have just used the exact sequences from his famous episodes of the serial “Mr. Bean”.

      1.       Earlier we saw Govinda doing an inspired act in his film when he gets dressed up while he is also driving his car.

      2.       Recently released “Dhamaal” had Ritesh Deshmukh doing his “Spy Act” a scene from “JOHNY ENGLISH”

      3.       “Dhamaal” also had Javed Jaffery copying his exact sequence, when his hand gets stuck in the back pocket of a man.

      4.       The most recent release “One Two Three” has Sunil Shetty copying Atkinson in two scenes. In the first scene he leaves his one shoe at the top of a car and the car moves on taking his shoe. And in another scene he tries to dry his wet pants at a dryer in the washroom.

There may be many more sequences which couldn’t be noticed but it only shows how brillianlty Rowan Atkinson has performed in his limited appearances. He no doubt has a great influence on comedy makers all over. Would really love to see him more often in movies.

  1. luckykabutar says:

    plagirism is part of globalization.

  2. Divya says:

    Yes…It’s very true that Atkinson stands in the best 10 comedians till date!He’s not only an inspiration to actors in bollywood but also to actors in tollywood…..I can recollect many scenes which were a part of the bean series ..done by the tollywood comedians in the movies.All of them have taken great care to give the same effect which was given by Atkinson in those scenes!He’s an inspiration to all the comedians in Indian CinemA.

  3. bobbysing says:

    Rightly said, Divya
    Thought his latest movies were not that entertaining like his serial. But still Atkinson is always a treat to watch even in many reated viewings.

    Keep in touch.

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