One of the few flawless and cleverly written scripts balanced with professional and polished performances. The movie just gives you no time to think and take a rest. A fast paced mystery thriller is about a Game which is played with your life after you willingly accept to play it, signing the due papers. Sounds interesting. Indeed it is. A novel idea executed perfectly takes you into the world of deceit, fun and adventure. Michael Douglas the lead actor, is gifted a company’s offer card by his younger brother. The company provides a unique service of providing new thrill to your life by playing a game with you. The game is completely unexpected, dangerous and has almost everyone involved in it. Bored with his routine lonely life, Douglas opts to play the game and signs the papers. The next few days he experiences the time of his life and every five minutes there are new twists and turns in the game to blow your mind. A roller coaster ride which will not allow you to go for breaks in between the movie. Sean Penn as the younger brother has very few scenes but he just takes you for a ride in the climax sequence. An intelligent brain twister with top rate performances and a brilliantly directed movie not to be missed at any cost.

Directed By David Fincher 

Starring : Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger & More


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