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A Predictable “Thoda Ok Thoda Theek” movie.

Kunal Kohli’s latest venture is exactly on the lines of its title, that means “Everything Thoda Thoda”. The film has all the elements of love, emotion, fun and children playing pranks on elders. But everything is completely predictable and average as far as entertainment is concerned.

The film only manages to amuse to some extent and that also mainly to the people who are there for time pass. If you are looking for some novelty and innovative direction in the movie then you are sure to get disappointed.

A fairy is sent from GOD in order to help the children on earth who have problems with their guardian appointed by the court. The GOD is played by Rishi Kapoor who looks cute. And the concept of fairy is used to incorporate the magic elements in the movie. But the magic sequences have nothing impressive and the writer could have done even without the concept of fairy. The plot looks like wasted in the narration. Moreover the fairy also has a strange Punjabi ascent which looks weird. Nowadays whole Bollywood is having a heavy punjab influence in its latest projects.

Rani Mukherjee seems to be enjoying her role but fails to make an impact. Saif Ali Khan just plays his character and it looks like he lost the interest in the movie in mid way. Amisha Patel plays a modern unintelligent girl who is short of clothes. And she looks desperate to catch attention. Only the four children are a treat to watch, specially the child playing the role of Sikh Kid “Iqbal”. He has got the majority of punch lines and impresses a lot. Still the sequences with the kids are not such that you can remember them walking out of the hall.

The weakest section of the movie is its music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. It’s one of the most unimpressive work from the trio with not even a single melodious song. This project needed some special children songs which were found missing. Special Effects are uncomplicated and are not used in excess which is intelligent thinking by the director.

Kunal Kohli, the director follows his own passion of influences from the west. This time his movie has the hangover of “Marry Poppins”, “The Sound Of Music”, “City Of Angels” and may be more. His “Hum-Tum” was influenced by “When Harry Met Sally” and interestingly a poster of this english flick can be spotted in one scene when Rishi Kapoor is talking to Rani in the climax. I think this was deliberately done by Kunal.

All one can say is that its an Ok movie, with a simple look and has nothing special to talk about. Something extraordinary was expected from Kunal Kohli but sadly it was not there.

Rating : 2.5 / 5


An Experiment gone haywire.

There are already a very small number of viewers of such experimental kind of cinema. So it’s a responsibility for the directors to come up with nice and appreciable projects which are capable of bringing more viewers to this genre.

But director Arindam Nandy’s “Via Darjeeling” is not entertaining and enlightening enough to impress. Despite of its talented star cast and an interesting plot it fails to win over the viewers with its content.

The storyline revolves around a group of friends who are discussing a mystery and giving their own versions of the happening which may have occurred according to them. But after a good start as each of them start giving their viewpoint the plot gets disturbed and seems to be confused in its own web.

Moreover the most annoying part comes when the film ends abruptly. Climax with many possibilities is acceptable but when the movie ends suddenly without any justification then its looks like deliberately done to give it an offbeat perspective.

Performances wise Kay Kay and Vinay Pathak are fine as always. Proshanth Narayanan and Sandhya Mrudal excel. The rest are all there but nothing extraordinary to showcase. Sonali Kulkarni looks ravishing, Parvin Dabbas,  Simone Singh and Rajat Kapoor are ok.

One interesting observation. The movie has a subject very similar to Kurosawa’s “RASHOMON”. Infact it’s a modernized version of the Black & White movie and in one scene Rajat Kapoor can be seen holding the DVD of this classic in his hand. May be it’s the director’s way of giving tribute to the master film-maker.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

A huge sea of expectations was on high tides before the release of “Sarkar Raj” and many RGV fans were sure of a grand comeback by the master film-maker. But I had my doubts with me as I entered the cinema.

Sometimes a period of lazy creativeness is seen in the works of the masters. I noticed this kind of phase in the life span of many creative geniuses who made some not so good movies in the middle of their careers. And later came back with some greater masterpieces even better than their first ones. As I see it RGV also seems to be going through that phase in his life. He is no doubt a self-made genius of his own kind but sadly couldn’t make an impressive comeback with Sarkar Raj. 

The movie is dark, slow and the only knock out moment in the movie is in the last 20 minutes as the mystery unfolds and the real culprit comes out of the curtain. What I found most displeasing in the movie is the overuse of innovative camera angles and the excess of dark lighting in the whole movie. The subject no doubt needed this kind of treatment but it goes over the limits as you watch this sequel of Sarkar. It’s an intense crime drama with powerful performances but unfortunately the script is not able to entertain the viewers with its content. 

The story is quite predictable from the very first scene and therefore the viewer keeps waiting for something new on the screen, which only comes in the climax. Surely the first attempt by RGV was much better than this. Sarkar Raj lacks the grip and is not able to entertain enough. Though technically and creatively its superb, but that’s not what the majority of people are paying for.  

Performance wise two people top the list, Amitabh Bachhan (though he has less scenes this time) and Dilip Prabhawalkar. Their scenes together are superbly shot and RGV genius shows in these few moments. In fact these are the only worth watching scenes in the movie not to be missed at any cost. Truly speaking Amitabh is the only active actor who could do justice to the character of the GODFATHER and he lives his part fantastically. The last scenes of the movie show his inimitable class and equally competent is Dilip Prabhawalkar in their confrontation scene.

The rest of the cast is just fine. Abhishek looks intense in his silence and Aishwarya looks sober. The sad point is that apart from Amitabh and Dilip no one else adds anything to the movie. Everyone else is just enacting their parts and only these two characters stand tall. The part of an unknown killer was very childish to use by a man of high standards named RGV.  

Musically, Sarkar Raj is many steps behind the original Sarkar. You don’t remember any chants walking out of the cinema and also the background music is not able to grab attention.The audience in the cinema was quite restless while watching it as they all were expecting much better stuff from Ram Gopal Verma. 

The movie is not as expected but it has its moments not to be missed which have the stamp of a master film-maker. But the conclusion is that RGV needs to get over his trademarks and has to reinvent himself urgently.

May be his next film on one of his favorite topic, Phoonk (Based on Black Magic) gives us our good old RGV back in form. 

Rating : 2.5 / 5