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Ram Gopal Verma returning with his third underworld film, after “Satya” & “Company” was indeed a great news which raised the expectations level again from the master film-maker after his recent “Sarkar Raj”.

But all the expected standards were shattered and nothing new and impressive was there in his Trilogy movie “Contract” featuring all newcomers. 10 minutes into the movie and you know that RGV again has come up with a product not matching his own standards set in the past.

The plot was partly similar to “Departed” and was also quite predictable for an underworld movie. Putting a spy in the Terrorists Gang and then tracking their plans is what we have already seen numerous times in Bollywood movies.

The criminal characters and their presentation, resembled RGVs own “Company” to a huge extent. Like the female accompanist in the gang was exactly the same as Manisha Koirala with Ajay Devgan. The debutant Prasad has just played the role with no conviction. Zakhir Hussain was loud in his scenes.

RGV has got a great creative film-maker in himself, but in recent times he seems to be lost his way. Especially in the music department, as music of almost all his recent films have gone unnoticed. As I see it, new unexploited plots are the key point to have him back in form. Underworld movies should be given a break and may be a musical comedy like “Rangeela” can give us back our good old Ram Gopal Verma.

Still Waiting for RGV to get back in form again! Sadly it was not this time. 

Ratings : 1 /5


Huge expectations and a big launch of a talented star Harman Baweja was all in the air before the film hit the screen. And the other exciting feature of the movie was its theme of Time Travel into the future. These were the thoughts in the mind of every viewer before seeing the movie. But after watching it the viewer feels dejected with some sad feelings for the hard working debutant Harman.

No doubt the movie is Grand and well made technically but it lacks gravely on the script level as the viewer never seems to be into the narration at any moment. The excitement of watching a Time Travel movie drops drastically as nothing happens in the first hour and we are just watching a love story of a boy trying to win over a girl.

The other sad part of the movie is that intentionally or unintentionally Harman is quite similar in looks with Hrithik Roshan and that’s a drawback for him. He impresses with his dance and acts well but exactly in the same manner of Hrithik. So in future he will have to work out a different identity of his own putting more efforts towards the same. Priyanka looks good and sports him in his debut venture. Boman Irani becomes too excited in some scenes but Archna Puran Singh manages to entertain in her few scenes.

Special Effects are good but the future interpretation is not so impressive with excessive use of robots, flying elements and computrised interiors. Mention of Hypnotism in 2050 is also quite innovative of the script writer. While watching the future you never seem to be excited enough which takes away the spirit of watching a so called science fiction. In fact the 2050 factor has only been used to add a USP to the film and it has not been worked upon well.

Director Harry Baweja had a good idea but the execution lacked in many departments. I wish he had taken more inspiration from the Hollywood movies on similar theme. Musically Anu Malik has surely added new stock to his sound library but has come up with only few melodious tunes.

Inspirations to the movie include “Back To the Future” series & “Time Machine”. The sequence of Priyanka dying in an accident is highly inspired. In the English version the hero goes back in the past to change the happenings and tries to save his girlfriend. But each time he goes back she dies in a different manner. That part of the plot is more interesting than going into the future and winning over the girl again. If you surely want to enjoy the Time Machine rides then you must watch the three movie series of “Back To The Future”.

In all the movie which is a launch pad for Harman Baweja could have been much better with all the backing of a huge budget. But Harman surely makes his presence felt in the industry.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

Every film associated with Aamir Khan has got his incomparable influence and JTYJA has also got the same despite of the fact that it’s been directed by Abbas Tyrewala. The movie is fresh like a morning breeze though it has an old plot of “just friends and not lovers”.

No doubt, the brilliant music by A. R. Rahman is the first reason why you get attracted towards it, but after you have seen the movie, it’s the acting of the young brigade which stays in your mind. The director has given full freedom to the actors and everyone is chilled out in the movie with no signs of stress or expectations to be fulfilled.

The main points why the film works is its fresh outlook, new energetic & cool faces and above all the freak out language used in the script with carefree “Tu”, “Tera” in the dialogues. It just takes you away from the formal “Aap” attitude and makes you feel more light.

The story is not new and the narration is also quite similar to movies like “Chalte Chalte” (Shahrukh –Rani) where the friends are talking about the lead couple’s affair & marriage. But it’s the innocence of the new actors which works. The credit goes to the youth and young treatment in the movie. However there are certain scenes in which you feel the invisible presence of Aamir’s special treatment somewhere at the back.

In the acting arena, top marks go to Genelia Dsouza  for her excellent act of a girl who doesn’t know that she is in love. She is what you remember walking out the cinema hall. And second comes the debutant, Imran Khan, who has acted just as he is simply not worried about the fact that it’s his launch pad. And for that he surely deserves praise. In the competitive world where every star son wants to outshine another, Imran shows that he damn cares about this competition and just wants to enjoy his work.

The seniors in the movie, Ratna Pathak Shah & Naseer are enjoying their roles which is nice to see. And a very entertaining act is there by the brothers Arbaaz & Sohail in their unique comic style. Paresh Rawal looked like repeating himself from another film. Rest all were quite natural and enjoyable.

Music by the maestro A.R. Rahman no doubt is outstanding with “Aditi” song standing at the top. Fresh voices surely have added more flavour to the movie. But I found the lyrics department rather weak. Apart from the “Aditi” track, rest could have been more expressive in content.

In few words, the movie is fresh, has a young feel  and above all makes you feel lighter in the world of heavy burdens. That’s what makes it work.

Rating : 3.5 / 5