Madhushala – Verses on “Destiny” by Sh. Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Posted: 27 October, 2008 in 6. Articles on Poetry, Music & Life
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Life sometimes becomes a miser and we keep on looking at it with expectations. But let us be content with whatever we have…. as Life will surely repent not giving us our dues when we would be gone.

I always love the targets which are far away. I always want to reach the unreachable. Since it’s the path which is more enjoyable than its destination. So let’s enjoy the path of life and forget about any aim.

  1. dhananjaya says:

    excellent poem by bobby talks but i think it is not complete

  2. bobbysing says:

    Thanks for writing your valuable comment here. But I would really appreciate if from now on you please leave your comments at my official website and oblige. There I would be able to reply you instantly and we can also be in touch, discussing movies and cinema with the same passion.

    Regarding your query, according to me info. these serials are not available on home video currently.

  3. Neha Gupta says:

    great poet ,i never ever read such type of poetry based on madhushala that was too awesum now i would purchase also madhubala ,hope so that also would be intersting .every shud go for madhshala,dont take me wrong guys just saying for book not wine house coz this book is filled with such type of nasha if someone had read it he has no need to go madhushala

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