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After the Golden Globe, our dear Rahman has made us proud again by winning not one but two Oscars together this year. Everybody from the young & old is celebrating this historic event with pride and joy. The channels are busy showing the reception of the winners back at home. And the Fans are eager to congratulate the history makers on their websites and blogs.



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This Shahrukh Khan starrer and Ashutosh Gowariker directed movie can be listed among those few ones which got recognition as a masterpiece or were appreciated hugely after a few years of their release. It is one of those good movies which were not accepted by the viewers when it was first introduced, but with the growing times became immensely popular in the cinema world for its innovative subject and content. The story revolves around a successful NASA engineer who decides to quit his job and moves back to his motherland, India, amused by the country, its simplicity and its loving people. The ethnic feel of the movie is captivating and impressive. Though at some places you may find it cliché, but on the whole it is a fine family watch with some mesmerizing songs from the maestro, A. R. Rahman.




This was Ashutosh Gowariker’s next movie after the blockbuster “Lagaan”. Thought it was not received well by the viewers initially but now it is rated among the best works of Shahrukh, Ashutosh & Rahman. A must watch if you want to see a decent and earthy movie about India and its people.

OSCARS could not deny us this year, and they had to give our dear Rahman his deserved recognition. And surprisingly they were generous enough to give him two Golden Ladies together. Truly, Rahman deserved this from long and finally got his due from the highest rated authority in film making all over the world. We are proud of OUR NATIONAL TREASURE – A. R. RAHMAN who should be now treated as precious as the one of the most important persons of the country.


And what a simple & loving person he is, standing at the OSCARS podium, telling the whole world that he is here because of his mother and rightly saying “Mere Paas Maa Hai”. Every proud Indian must have felt great on this long awaited moment when our dear Rahman was there holding two OSCARS in his hands along with the entire team of the movie, “Slumdog Millionaire”.


The truth is that the West got to give us this time as they are now in need of us and our vast, unexplored economy. They cannot keep on ignoring the talent we have in our people here. And if the big production houses of the west have to move in here then first they have to give our creative geniuses their deserved recognition. And A. R. Rahman is the right person to start with, having a mammoth amount of quality work associated with his name.

But this is only a start as there should be many more coming in from the OSCARS soon.


May be this was possible because of one person, Danny Boyle, may be this happened because of the big foreign production house behind the movie, may be the award was there for an over-rated flick based on poverty and may be Rahman has undoubtedly given more better scores than this…..but forgetting all the controversies and arguments…,

I am…., rather we all are extremely happy to see Rahman achieving the phenomenal success and now known all over the globe as one of the greatest music creators on earth.


He has made a record of a sort by getting two together for his music alone and for anyone else, even to equal this will be quite difficult.  

Only one man can do it again…….Rahman himself.


Congratulations, deep from my heart to Sir A R Rahman and to all Indians feeling proud at this moment.


Three Cheers for Rahman!


The director, who gave us a masterpiece “Rang De Basanti”, can be seen no-where in his latest offering – Delhi 6. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra falls drastically short of all expectations which viewers had from this, one of the most awaited movies of 2009.  In fact the 2-3 minutes promos were more interesting and impressive than the whole movie. And after you are through with the experience in the theater, you are left with only one question in mind, that what it was all about & what the writer-director wanted to show us?


The story revolves around an American boy, Roshan, played by Abhishek Bachhan, who comes to India with his grandmother to fulfill her wish of seeing the old hometown once again before dying. Abhishek, fascinated by the caring people and carefree life of the city, starts loving here. He also finds himself in love with innocent Bittu, daughter of the neighbors, played by Sonam Kapoor. But communal tensions in the area force Abhishek to take up a disguise act and save the local people, from killing each other. The second half of the movie featuring his act has a surprise package for the viewers, but sadly it is not convincing enough with weak and poor writing.


An impressive and engrossing start is a must for a movie to pull in the viewers into itself. But Delhi-6, starts with a very dull first hour where there is nothing happening, but only introduction of numerous characters is shown, playing their tiny little roles in the crowded star-cast. In fact the screenplay has so many people to deal with that not even one is able to convince the viewers with his/her act. Incomplete characterization makes even veteran actors like Waheeda Rehman, Rishi Kapoor, Om Puri & Prem Chopra look helpless on screen. In simple words, everyone is there but no one is able to stand out of the crowd due to the faulty screenplay.


There are many unwanted sequences in the movie which have no contributions to make in the narration but have only been added to make the frame look more artistic and classy.

For instance, the Ramleela sequence, there for a good length, has nothing to do with the movie, but is only added because it is a key feature of Delhi’s Ramleela Ground in that area. Children driving the car themselves, two brothers living in one house with a separating wall, Abhishek meeting his grandfather in a dream sequence, also have nothing to convey to the viewers as such.


In the performance department, the best one comes from Divya Dutta, as the lady sweeper of the area, treated as an untouchable by all. Her scene with the two child artists is superb and the dialect used by Divya for her character is simply flawless. Second best act comes from Vijay Raaz, as the local policeman playing the role to perfection. Sonam, comes up with a natural and sober act and gets noticed. Abhishek is just ok with a deliberate American accent, which gets caught at times. The love angel between Abhishek and Sonam lacks the depth and never leaves an impact on the viewer.


It was really disappointing to see that Om Puri, Waheeda Rehman, Prem Chopra, Supriya Pathak, Atul Kulkarni, Tanvi Azmi & Pawan Malhotra were not given any good length roles or well written scenes, but they all still manage to give superb performances. Raghuvir Yadav is used in the worst possible manner ever as he is not even visible anywhere in the movie but only singing the Ramleela Songs.

The act which could be the highlight of the movie was of Rishi Kapoor, performing elegantly. He lights up the screen with his cool get up and persona but becomes the victim of ill-treatment given by the writers. Amitabh Bachhan in a cameo appearance towards the end, is also not able to generate any major impact. Regarding the Hindu – Mulim angle in the story, the real life look alike politicians and the Mandir-Masjid plot had nothing new to say, which resulted in a very pale impression of the whole sequence.


Another worth mentioning character of the movie is a “Kaala Bander” who creates a panic in the area by attacking people at regular intervals. The innovative climax of the movie is related with this “Kaala Bander” but I will not like to reveal that relationship here to my readers as many friends may not have seen the movie yet. But i really found the electrical lights on the Kala Bander, a strange imagination of the writer-director.  


Merits of the movie, undoubtedly include the outstanding music by A. R. Rahman. It is his one of the most refined works till date giving us a complete album, after Lagaan. Just listen to the “Aarti” sung beautifully by a chorus without any beat instruments. And “Genda Phool” is simply awesome combining the folk and hip hop elements into one track. Binod Pradhan’s cinematography captures the “Delhi Ki Galiyan” brilliantly. If you are a Delhite, then you will love the camera movements and the created ambience even more.


All together, Delhi-6 has very few merits to name and more flaws to count. The unexpected and confusing climax will be the toughest part to digest for many. The movie tries to incorporate so much into it but ends up doing nothing great. Rakesh Omprakash Mehra seems to be confused between making an entertaining movie or a preachy movie. The mess and confusions seen in his “Aks” are visible again. May be he should sign Aamir, once again for his next now. .


Go for it if you have visited the Delhi-6 area yourself and dont mind experiencing an innovation gone wrong!


Rating : 2 / 5  (1 for the innovative climax tried by the director)


Two genres in which Hindi Film Industry has not got many in its kitty are Spine Chilling Thrillers and Murder Mysteries…. There are very few such brave and worth mentioning efforts which come to your mind instantly. Luckily we have seen some good thrillers in the recent times by the young brigade of innovative directors and “The Stoneman Murders” is yet another path breaking and engrossing attempt by the director, Manish Gupta.


The movie is a mix of real life take on the serial killings of 1983 with a touch of fiction added by the writers giving it a more sensational feel. It talks about the horrifying terror on the streets, spread by a brutal killer who used to kill the poor people sleeping on the roadside by crushing their head with a stone, therefore named as Stoneman Murderer. And both the director and the writers come up with a brilliant portrayal of this real life case on the silver screen.


The main merit of the movie is that it straight away starts off with the main topic and sticks to its till the end. There are no deliberately added sub plots, songs or any comic scenes which make it more harsh, bold and impressive. The whole narration revolves around Kay Kay Menon, who is a suspended Police Inspector paying the price for his anger practiced in an interrogation. After his suspension, he is still investiging the Stoneman Case, privately on the instructions of his senior, Vikram Gokhale and also gets assistance by a Hawaldaar played by Virendra Saxena. His colleague inspector, Arbaaz Khan, who is more of an opponent, is also working on the same case creating troubles for KK.


What makes the movie, a path-breaking attempt is the dark & shocking secret behind all the murders committed by the Stoneman. It also shows the ugly side of our rotten system we are all living in. As the search progresses, KK manages to solve the case, but his superiors don’t let the secret come out in the open for some good reasons of their own. So the case which was duly solved by him, still remains as an unsolved murder mystery in the police records due to its disgraceful truth. I will not like to disclose the mystery here for my friends as that is main highlight of the movie, but i would surely like to add that the twist has a great shock element in store for the viewers.


One more interesting observation is that despite the fact that the movie is based on some brutal and cruel murders committed by a psychopath; still it does not have any bloody or weird visuals. The director very impressively gives you a clean and sober picture without moving into some trance or blood-shed. Instead he chooses to show the real news paper pictures to show the murders committed by the killer on the roadsides. Among the well shot sequences, capable of making you jump on the edge of your seat is the sub-way sequence, when KK has a scuffle with the killer but he manages to escape, injuring KK badly. The interval sequence also leaves you awestruck, with your jaws open, asking for more.


Performance wise, KK as expected delivers another gem of his career. The complete movie moves more around him and he manages to carry it all with elegance and conviction. Vikram Gokhale is impressive once again and perfectly suits the role. Arbaaz has got few scenes and he does a fine job. Rukhsaar as KK’s wife though doesn’t get a well defined role, but still gives a sober and sweet performance. Virendra Saxena as KK’s associate Hawaldaar is one of the most under-rated character artists we have. I still remember his haunting presentation of a Sikh Freedom Fighter in the Tele-Serial “Tamas” and since then have seen him giving many memorable performances in several movies consistently.
           In a murder mystery or a thriller, background music has a very important role to play and this department is handled well by the music director giving ample support to the subject and feel. The movie is majorly shot at nights and still you are not taken into dark visuals and dim lightning. So the Cinematography is perfect keeping the scenes bright with proper lighting and effects.
           In all, if you are fan of thrillers and murder mysteries, then this is a treat to watch after the recent “A Wednesday”. It was indeed a pity that I watched the movie in an almost empty theater.  Attempts like these need to be applauded and encouraged by the viewers. But sadly, the Indian movie lovers still go to the theater looking at the faces on the poster and not due to the subject or theme of the movie. I would also like to thank and congratulate Mr. Bobby Bedi (Kaleidoscope), for backing up such projects in these tough recession times.


So, here is another surprising small movie, simply not to be missed.



Rating :  3.5 / 5




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