OSCARS could not deny us this year, and they had to give our dear Rahman his deserved recognition. And surprisingly they were generous enough to give him two Golden Ladies together. Truly, Rahman deserved this from long and finally got his due from the highest rated authority in film making all over the world. We are proud of OUR NATIONAL TREASURE – A. R. RAHMAN who should be now treated as precious as the one of the most important persons of the country.


And what a simple & loving person he is, standing at the OSCARS podium, telling the whole world that he is here because of his mother and rightly saying “Mere Paas Maa Hai”. Every proud Indian must have felt great on this long awaited moment when our dear Rahman was there holding two OSCARS in his hands along with the entire team of the movie, “Slumdog Millionaire”.


The truth is that the West got to give us this time as they are now in need of us and our vast, unexplored economy. They cannot keep on ignoring the talent we have in our people here. And if the big production houses of the west have to move in here then first they have to give our creative geniuses their deserved recognition. And A. R. Rahman is the right person to start with, having a mammoth amount of quality work associated with his name.

But this is only a start as there should be many more coming in from the OSCARS soon.


May be this was possible because of one person, Danny Boyle, may be this happened because of the big foreign production house behind the movie, may be the award was there for an over-rated flick based on poverty and may be Rahman has undoubtedly given more better scores than this…..but forgetting all the controversies and arguments…,

I am…., rather we all are extremely happy to see Rahman achieving the phenomenal success and now known all over the globe as one of the greatest music creators on earth.


He has made a record of a sort by getting two together for his music alone and for anyone else, even to equal this will be quite difficult.  

Only one man can do it again…….Rahman himself.


Congratulations, deep from my heart to Sir A R Rahman and to all Indians feeling proud at this moment.


Three Cheers for Rahman!

  1. jagroop canada says:

    Bobby Please don’t mind brother as don’t take it personal – I don’t know where you live. Either in India or Abroad? Looks like you are also one of thousands Indian who has inferiority complex and euphoric and in order to get out of that complexity web, try to explore every channel to prove and once hit some thing in water, starts to scream like a child- EUREK and that is true with most of Indians.Having lived in slave like systems down the centuries that inferiority is in our subconcious mind.
    Now your observations- Firstly on one hand you say that Rehman got what was due. OK fine he got what he deserves. but as I wrote in my previous blogs that you need a right plate form. Luckily he got that but that doesn’t mean that there is no other Rehman in this world.Dilemma with them is that they couldn’t find a right spot in right time. On other hand you are saying that west recognise him because west wants to find a place in Indian economy. Looks like you are contradicting yourself.This kind of observation is nothing more than a childish analysis or blind faith of shining India and Indians. What a member of academy has to do with Indian economy in person? If you are right then Why did they throw Tare Jamin Per out at first place as that was directely nominated from India. It is an ironic with we Indians, that we believe in two extreme- either we make some one God or Devil. We don’t let him just be a general humane being. No doubt Rehman is a talented guy but he got what he deserves from a proper plateform. Why he or some one else (Cricketers and other VIP) should get special treatment beyond circumference of system (Exemption of duty on gifts). I think India is one of such a odd countries where we don’t even mind to change law of land for political convenience to accomodate some one special’s egotic staus at least symbolicaly. If OSCAR is OSCAR that is because of Rules of Academy or you can say If West is West because of Law of Land. They don’t just twist the law to accomodate someone’s egotic status.Secondly I doubt that we Indian (with some exceptions) have real criteria to judge some one’s talent or worthiness in real sense. Take example of Film SDM Tax Free in Delhi and etc. If Slumdog really deserves that kind of treatment then it should have that Tax Free facility even before awards , given the fact that quality is there. Now what it proves that it is the West that has talent and brain to judge worthness of some thing and we Indian should take that for granted, whether it is awards or making of film on world level.We living beside slums, could never envisage to make a movie like SDM and one person from out side comes and make a appealing film. Now tell me who got brain we Indians or Gora? Actually we don’t know where our roots are. We look at the west to judge our selves. Forget that with this kind of mind set India could be a super power in near future as it is peopel who make a country. We can boast of on fortune of Ambani’s but don’t know how to listen to a Jamal of slums. If people behave in chaploos manner, what of kind of country it would be, it is not hard to imagine.Thanks

  2. bobbysing says:

    Hi Jagroop,
    I dont mind brother, but i would like to ensure that there is no inferiority complex here with us….On the other hand from the last decade we have got more confident that our movies and industry is at par and even better when it comes to emotional and drama movies.

    Now my answers to your points :

    1. “There is no other Rehman in this world.”
    There may be many in the world….but we have one Rahman….and we are proud of him..

    2. “What a member of academy has to do with Indian economy in person?”
    They and their production houses have a big eye on Indian movie market and therefore they now have huge tiie ups here with Adlabs and many more. So thats why they need us.

    3. “Why did they throw Tare Jamin Per out at first place as that was directely nominated from India.”
    Yes, even i cannot understand that…..and the only reason i could think of is that they are not too easy with our kind of emotions here……..The West’s emotional quotient remains quite different then ours here. I think they wanted that Aamir shoud have picked Darsheel out of the slums in that movie and then turn him into an artist…….then they could recognize it…..ha..

    4. “If Slumdog really deserves that kind of treatment then it should have that Tax Free facility even before awards”.
    Yes, that is the double standards Indian people have here……They start watching a movie when the whole world praises it….not because it has merit of its own. I agree with this point totally.

    5. “One person from out side comes and make a appealing film. Now tell me who got brain we Indians or Gora?”
    I again say this…..if SM was made by an Indian Director…….it would have been sidelined as yet another realistic cinema movie from India……And thats as true as there is sky up above.

    Thanks for writing in.
    Take Care
    Bobby Sing – India

  3. jagroop canada says:

    ~~~~~ Tare Jamin Per and Oscar ~~~~
    First of all as I say “It is hard to create and easy to criticize”. Still criticizm is good to re-evaluate. When hollywood writers/Directors take craft classes they are told some tips. 1- Avoid to make your film based on exception because it will be hard to convince audience unless you really establish your story line in a film.2- Unless you show in film, that means it doesn’t exist in other words even though story is your imaginary world but still it should be complete in itself or don’t expect audience that they should come in theatre with a particular mind set of assumption.3- Establlish your story through characters alias more depth your characters have, more convincing be your story/film.
    When I heard about TJP and its idea, I was really impressed with that and wanted to buy a DVD of it as some how never got a chance to go to theatre.I wish I could have seen movie before it’s submission to OSCAR because whatever I think now about it, some one can think that I am already prejudice about it for having it’s been thrown out of race for OSCAR nomination. Believe me that whenever I see it, result would have been almost same.
    Now come to TJP. To be truthfull, I admire Amir’s guts to pick new ideas in any of his films in recent years and his marketing strategy.
    However TJP film was good for audience with an Indian mind -set people, where almost those such parents, whose childrens are going to schools, want them to achieve whatever themselves (parents) couldn’t make of in their lives.
    Fresh idea with a Amir’s name tag on it. Ingredient was already there for its box office success. Knowing how does Indian film awards function work, it was no surprise to see that It got most of Indian film industry awards. Even Indian comitee thought it would be worth while to send it to on an international stage. No doubt idea wise it deserved. Eventually it couldn’t make it even in last 9 for nomination to OSCAR. Why? because Academy nomination commetee neither care who made this nor they have Indian mind set to watch that film. They wanted to see how film is doing in itself atleast from there perspective.. This is where things went wrong atleast for award claiming purpose on an international level..
    I got a chance to watch the film and as film moves a lot of logics started to pop up in my mind.Let us devide this film in two half. One is without Amir(WTA) as a character in film and second is with Amir(WA).
    Let’s start with first part.(almost 1 haur of screen time)
    1- How absurd it is to think that there is a boy (even imaginary) { who is so unfortunate}that being surrounded by so many idiots (except Amir khan) including her parents and teachers that they can’t figure out problem of kid even the movie has passed almost one haur screening time.Every body is so typed or cynical ( parents and teacher of two schools again except Amir khan) that when ever they got chance they point their verbal guns on this poor kid to let him bear psychological torture Question is why director was so keen on handling that way? In most of Bollywood film originality is always missing. There was a time when Bollywood made many films to cash on card of nationalism. Same way Amir picked up this nice issue to play with child’s card. He was so obsessed with this child character that in every second scene, he tried to use that in order to create sympathy for that kid at the cost of balanced characterization in first part of film.Thats why Parents looks more machanical. All teacher {again except Amir} behave in such a way that either they just came out of metal hospital or need to be sent to.
    2- In this world it is possible to gain sympathy for a struggler but impossible to get for an astraying one. That kid right from first scene was more astraying and almost zero struggler.Give me any example that in first half of film where he really tried to get his goal sincerely as it is the begining of film where a good film maker establishes characters especially main lead. Audience with Indian mind set and under influence of Amir’s aura may have his own assumption but for a western audience where is the ground work for that.
    3- Character’s contradiction- If you remember while film has gone almost 47 mints and there is a scene when kid’s parents discuss about him sending to a boarding school. There is a little resistance on behalf of his mother. She goes ” Inoo mere bager kabhi raha nahi”. Recall me any scene prior to these lines that establish a intimate bond between mother and son to give a weight to these lines? What a emotional lip service! On contrary to that in very first interaction when kid comes from school and as he tried to pick up a snack (closeup shot of hand on snack) his mother hit him on his hand and instruct him (in rude tone) to do other wise ( Behaving like so called step mother).Where is such a natural flow of transition of emotional interaction that is neccsory to cement that bond between mother and son? ( It may not bothers audience with Indian mind set but what about Academy audience who wanted to see a true cinema.)
    4- In one of another scenes boy comes and sits in his father’s lap and father is very affectionate to him at least in intial discussion. later they discuss about Raspberry.In very next scene to that his father finds out his fake report of sickness while boy is eating in kitchen and father is sitting on sofa in back ground , gets so angry that looks like over blowing the issue with in those given circumatances.
    5- Recall that scene when he ended up in a hostel (Boarding school) and in very first scene of that sequence kid is standing in his room and his warden{Gurkirtan Chohan} in presence of his parents (looking llike dumb) bullying that small kid and using Masala film style dailogue ” Awasthy sahib aap fiqr mat kare hum ne yaha bade bade gorho ko nak mein lagam dali hei.” Give me a name of such parents including Mr. Amir who might have (unfortunately) even dumbest children on this planet and would like to tolerate that kind of treatment (as if kid is Gabbar singh in custody of Thakur Baldev singh in Sholey) in front of their eyes with a impression that they are sending their kid to a nice custody.
    6- In the same school in one of English class when teacher asks him to tell him where the DOT is printed on black board and in next cut boy is standing close to board and trying to snach moving words and song sequence that follows – The way visualization is presented with so much computer animations it looks like boy is more schizophrenic rather than being frustrated on his inability to learn.
    Now come to second part with Amir (WA).
    This is the point where films sets in to move. Eventhough some of scenes are stratched unneccesrally but beautifully handled.Again in this part there are two flaws that give this film demarit point of getting a chance to get award.
    7- Recall that scene in class room when Amir noticed that kid and do research about him, including going to his parents to check with them about him. Beautifully handeled emotions are going in film but as an audience my mind is also struggling to find – Why is he taking it so personaly to that level? Answer comes after almost 35 mints of screening time when at the end of class Amir disclose to kid about his past. There is a difference between a suspense story and drama.Keeping a suspense for 35 mints of screening time in a drama when audience should have been sitting on roller coat of emotions they are stuck to a suspense or you can say atleast this question is disturbing them some where in their mind while they are watching a emotional part of a film.Close your eyes and imagine -Wouldn’t it be better if Amir has disclosed that reason first and then he goes to his parents with wet eyes. (Audience with Non Indian mind set need that answer first.)
    8- Technical problem with 95 percent of Bollywood film is that they developed their story (problem or conflict) for 2 hours and when it comes to solution it just take them 2 mints to finish that.Same thing happens here. For 2 haurs screening time he kept on establishing character of kids by identifying his social apect cum his learning disability and later on takes on himself to daignose that for an haur to daignose and as a solution he just takes permission from school principal to take special claases to kid and a 2 mints musical piece follow and that kid is a smart kid now. Come on man. Thats why western audience is not convinced with most of Bollywood films and it is termed as Masala films. Could be good for appreciation in Indian mind set club but for non Indian mind set audience.
    7- If it were not Amir’s aura behind film marketing, it might have been hard to find this film in even box office chart.
    Note- As a sum up I am not saying that it is that bad film but it didn’t deserve to be considered for Academy award at first place. If in recent years there was an Indian film that deserved to be sent to Academy, it should have been Sanjay Lila’s BLACK. Why doesn’t India let regional films to compete for Indian entry of film for international awards. When it comes to Indian cinema, it is not Bollywood who should be just sole contender. Oop! Buddy this is India where every odd thing is possible.

  4. bobbysing says:

    Thanks for your detailed overview……

    Brother first of all, in answer to your words : “It is hard to create and easy to criticize”, I would like to inform ….
    that however small but i am also working as a creater in this industry so i also know how to pick up the brush for the painting and not only just reviewing the movies.
    As you said Its only matter of right time and right oppurtnity which some get and some are still in line waiting for it. But no regrets, I am happy doing my work.

    Secondly your all points simply has one answer and that lies in your own words that :
    Oscar Acaademy nomination committee sees the film from there own perspective of the West which is quite in contrast with what we have here.
    So all our discussion simply ends here only.

    Thirdly: If in recent years there was an Indian film that deserved to be sent to Academy, it should have been Sanjay Lila’s BLACK.
    My take on this : Sanjay Leela Bhansali BLACK lost all its charm to me when i found that it was copy of another OSCAR winner movie “The Miracle Worker”.
    So all its chances for going to OSCARs vanished as the committe will not be interested seeing an imitation of their own one time winner.
    And the moment i knew that, I also took “Black” out of my system.


  5. jagroop canada says:

    Lack of originality wise you could be right about BLACK.

    When it comes to selection of film for foeign awards, I don’t think that there should be a particular body assigned to do that as influential people sway the commatee decision. Rather than that let independant producers try on their own in promoting at oscar regardless it is bollywood product or regional.Jis mein dum hoga promote ker k jeet lega.Southern cinema is considered better than bollywood so why do only pictures from bollywood get selected for Oskar or other festival?

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