About Me

Introducting Myself …….

A Firm and Dedicated Movie Freak, love to see films and study all the creative aspects involved in them. Working in the related field of Music & Design. I believe in accepting life as it is completely. I understand that the existence is more intelligent than us so it can do better planning for our future than ourselves.

This site is a collection of my expressions and thoughts about movies, music, poetry and life. All these elements are like the essential ingredients of life for me and I feel them as a continuos life energy source.

If you are a movie and music freak, think like me, then you will surely enjoy the time spent on my works here. Its my pleasure to share all i know and feel with everyone visiting my site.

Do take out some of your valuable time and write a few words as your comments on how you liked the content featured here.

And Keep Logging!

With warm wishes,

Bobby Sing

  1. DivyA says:

    Bobby….your blog is simply superb!….great work man and keep it up!….your blog is very helpful for me to pick up some good must watch movies and I thank you very much for that!Good luck to you…..cheers!

  2. bobbysing says:

    Thanks Divya for you appreciation.
    I ma glad to know that my blog is helping you in seeing the good movies.

    Keep in touch!…

    with warm wishes,

  3. shehroon says:

    hi dear plz tell me how can i join ur web
    Regards, shehroon kahn

  4. bobbysing says:

    Hi Shehroon…
    There is no real joining procedure here…We are here just in contact with each other through the comments posted under the articles.
    So you can always be in touch through them.

    Would love to see you here again….

    Bobby Sing

  5. jagroop says:

    bobby singh jee, i admire ur effort for filling this web site with valuable content.I have just friendly suggestion- Eventhough this web address is unique in itself but still too long and uncommon. I just hit your web site because I was looking for content about film Sat Sri Akal.It should be such a type if some one put that in search, that should lead to your page.Like FILMMUNCH or FILMSATHor FILMPLATEFORM etc.like some thing that is very common and easy. you can hyper link to your this web site.I mean there could be thousands and thousands of people who may looking for this kind of plateform to discuss about films but they are not aware of your address unless they just come across like i happens to be. just suggestion.

  6. bobbysing says:

    Jagroop Ji,
    Thanks for your concern and you are very right in saying so.
    But here in India and also in abroad there are thousand of sites with names related to “FILM” or “BOLLYWOOD” and similar terms. And most of them are concerned with showing links of online movies and related free stuff.
    So the idea was of this name “Bobby Talks Cinema” came due to two reasons.
    First i wanted only those people to visit my arena who are serioudly willing to discuss cinema and not just searching for free downloads.
    Secondly the content gets related to the name so if anybody links to my site, he knows the name of writer too, which may help my exposure to a person who can be useful in my growth.
    However tow websites are there, which feature my content.
    1. Filmikhabar.com & 2. Chakpak.com

    I am still not earning any thing from these writings and enjoying them as my passion.
    But i do hope to reach the right people who can help me to fulfil my dreams in the process of film-making both creatively and financialy.

    So its all for the unknown future,

    Bobby Sing

  7. Upasna says:


    I’m looking for an instrumental album, Real Soft. This has old hindi music played on piano. When i search this on google your site comes first. Would you by any chance know how and where i can find this album.

    I would really appreciate your help.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks a lot

  8. bobbysing says:

    Hi Upasna,
    The album you are searching for is my own album released few years back. It is my second instrumental album, the first one is “Soft & Tender”. You can find the album in any good music store in your area and its released by Nupur Audio.
    But if you still not able to trace it then just send me a mail with your details and I will see how it can reach you.

    BTW thanks for appreciating my work and do let me know how you came to know about the album.

    Waiting for your reply,
    with warm wishes,
    Bobby Singh

  9. Upasna says:

    Hi Bobby,


    Thanks a lot for the reply. I wasn’t really expecting a reply so soon.

    My uncle (a self learned musician himself) who lives in Jammu is a BIG fan of your music and has been desperately looking for the album, which he heard being played in a marriage a few months back. He asked the DJ and was told the name of the album, but the DJ refused to lend his copy. Then he started searching and has nearly asked every music store in Jammu without any luck. Since i’m in Delhi, he “begged” me to find it for him and i thought google could be the best place to start:). So i landed up on your site.

    Its amazing to know that i’m talking to the artist himself.

    I will try looking for both the albums here in few music stores here and in case i still cant find i’ll surely send you a mail.

    BTW where are you located?

    Thanks again for such a quick reply. And your site is pretty awesome!

    Keep up the good work!



  10. Upasna says:

    Hi Bobby,

    Sadly i havent had any luck with finding the albums here. May be i’m looking at the wrong places. Could you please help me get a copy or let me know any dealership i could go to?

    Thanks a lot

  11. Bobbysing says:

    I have sent you a mail regarding the same..

  12. Parminder Singh (Honey) says:

    You seem to have excelled your knowledge in this creative field. We always knew you will do big in whatever your head gets into. But I must say what a writting skills man.. Proud to say what a friend I have in you… Keep it up..

  13. bobbysing says:

    Hi Parminder (Honey),
    Welcome to my blog…
    You know you are the first one to write on my blog among all the old good friends of mine.
    And that shows how you care and want to be in touch with all.
    Its really great buddy.
    Just be in touch by any means and this blog of mine is the best way to exchange views on any topic.

    Would love to see you more often here.
    With All My wishes For You…

  14. squarecutatul says:

    Hello Bobby Singh,
    it is Atul from Atulsongaday. You had posted in my blog today inviting me to your blog. So here I am. It is a nice and informative blog. Let me familiarise myself with it fully before I can post a more intelligent response than this.



  15. bobbysing says:

    Hi Atul,
    Welcome To My Blog,
    I am sure you will find many new and interesting things here related to our common interest.
    Hope you enjoy your time spent here….

    Waiting for more words from you….

    With warm wishes,
    Bobby Singh

  16. jagroop, Canada says:

    Boobby helo how r u? I usually watch DVD,s when exercising on tredmill. I baught dvd of “TARE JAMIN PER” some time back and wish could have seen it before its official submission for OSCAR.I heard it is now out of race for OSCAR. Bobby I admire your analytical approach most of time.TJP won most Indian film awards and a block buster hit. India thought that it is a film that desrve to be in OSCAR.Soquestion is “why it could not make it to even nomination? As I have seen just first 30 mints of movie and have some reservations about it but still want to see whole before any conclusion.In Gajni artical you said Amir is a perfectionist. I suspect if that is true after watching TJP. But wait let me see film in full. thanks

  17. bobbysing says:

    Yes, you must see it complete, and i suggest you to see it leaving all other things and then let me know what do you think about it after watching it.
    And please try not to see it in parts. The movie really deserves a decent watch. Waiting for your views on it.

  18. Amit Sharma says:

    Hi Bobby ji Its my first scrape to u. I see ur site and fell its great .
    Nice thoughts of u. Bobby ji like U we also a Site related to Great Legend actress Rekha ie. http://www.rekhathediva.com Recently we launched our site . I hope u see the site and give some suggestion to us.

  19. bobbysing says:

    Hi Amit,
    Thanks for writing in and for you appreciating words.
    I will surely visit and leave my comment there soon.

  20. Muzammil says:

    Thanx a lot bobby. Now, I know what amount of crap I’ve been tasting all these years. Bollywood is so sick industry & hell bent upon making money in the name of art and creativity. Now I have the means to choose the films. Thx bobby

  21. bobbysing says:

    Thanks Muzammil for your appreciation.
    I will be glad if my writing would be of some help.

  22. Daniel Allen says:

    Hi Bobby

    My name is Daniel Allen and I work for Discovery, the in-flight magazine of Cathay Pacific Airlines based out of Hong Kong. I’m currently putting together a short piece on Bollywood, and more specifically the current crop of Bollywood movies based in Delhi. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the trend toward making more Bollywood movies in Delhi rather than Mumbai – if you’re agreeable please find these questions below. Would love to get your expert opinion!

    Many thanks in advance for your help,



    1.) A number of Bollywood movies have recently been released (or about to be released) based in Delhi, rather than the traditional setting of Mumbai. What do you think are the reasons behind this change of location? Are there things that Delhi can offer film makers that Mumbai can’t, or is is simply about freshening things up? Are Indian audiences tired of Bollywood movies based in Mumbai?

    2.) In your opinion what are the best three Delhi-based movies released this year? (and why?)

    3.) How do you see the future of Delhi in Bollywood movies – do you think a growing number of movies will be produced in the city, or is this just a temporary fad? How does Delhi’s film production scene currently compare to Mumbai’s?

    Thanks again!

  23. bobbysing says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and reading through my articles.
    Your encouraging request inspired me to write a whole article on the topic.
    So here it is as my latest post on the blog..
    Hope you get what you were looking for..
    And do keep in touch.

  24. Caz says:

    I have just come across your blog from a link on top10films.co.uk

    I have spent some time reading through your posts and really enjoyed what I have read so far. I have added you to my blogroll so I will keep coming back to read more.


  25. sourav894 says:

    It’s pleasing to know that there are thinkers in my country keeping the great culture alive. Even I’m a published Hindi poet. To catch a glimpse of my work, visit- http://souravroy.com/poems/

    Keep Walking…

  26. Fatiha says:

    Hi Bobby ,

    Always enjoying reading your posts ! thanks a lot .
    Here is a video on youtube …you can hear algerian musicians singing “janitoooo” !! 😉

    And if you want laugh a little , look at this two algerians in south afrika !!!! :


  27. bobbysing says:

    Hi Fatiha, Thanks for writing your valuable comment here. But I would really appreciate if from now on you please leave your comments at my official website http://www.bobbytalkscinema.com and oblige. There I would be able to reply you instantly and we can also be in touch, discussing movies and cinema with the same passion.

    Thanks & See you there…..Cheers!

  28. bobbysing says:

    Thanks for writing your valuable comment here. But I would really appreciate if from now on you please leave your comments at my official website http://www.bobbytalkscinema.com and oblige. There I would be able to reply you instantly and we can also be in touch, discussing movies and cinema with the same passion.

    Thanks & See you there…..Cheers!

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