Must See Movies

Hi Friends,
This section includes a Collection of
“Movies Simply Not To Be Missed” from all over the world. Its about movies which inspire us, make us laugh, cry, dance and teach us how to live life in a more better way. Its about movies to cherish and to share with each other.

I strongly believe in the medium of cinema and the power it has to express life and its experiences. I hope my info about these movies is cherished by movie lovers all over.

Regarding the films listed here, i would like to add that these are the movies, which i loved watching and enjoyed.
The list not only has classy and art films, but it also includes entertaining dramas, action thrillers, romantic and comedy movies.

The order of the movies is just Random and not in any specific sequence because I keep on adding them as I got to see more and more of good cinema.

Its really a Herculean task to manage a Blog like this with a title “Movies To See Before You Die”. As I get to see more I will be adding movies to my list regularly so please keep visiting for the new entries.
I invite you to share your views and send me your suggestions for more films which I may not have seen (of any language from all over the world).

You are always welcome to give your views, suggestion and inputs for the blog.

Waiting to get a word from all cinema lovers…

with warm wishes,

Bobby Sing

  1. Poonam says:

    Great Collection.
    Congrats for the fine Job Done.
    Will log on this again soon.

  2. Jai S. Lamba says:

    Very polished choice of films Bobby. Many of them I have seen, and thanks to your list many movies to watch have come to my attention.
    I noticed you have Schindler’s List listed- very powerful film indeed. If you are interested in films with settings circulating WWII and themes about Nazis or Jews under Nazi oppression, I suggest you watch The Pianist(2002) starring Adrien Brodey. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

  3. Vishnu Prasad S says:

    Great Collection.Thnaks for posting these great movie names.

  4. Great site…..!
    I think you may also want to include Kabhi Kabhie in the must see…

  5. bobbysing says:

    Hi Ajay,
    Thanks for visiting but Kabhi Kabhie is already there in my list.
    Chek it out at this link of my main website :

  6. bobbysing says:

    Thanks for writing your valuable comment here. But I would really appreciate if from now on you please leave your comments at my official website and oblige. There I would be able to reply you instantly and we can also be in touch, discussing movies and cinema with the same passion.

    Thanks & See you there…..Cheers!

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