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Movies, as I see them, are not just images flashing on the screen.

Poetry, as I recite it, is not just a combination of words sounding musical.

Music, as I feel it, is not just a probability of arranging the seven notes differently.

These are like the next essential senses for a human being, other than the famous six gifted by the Almighty. In my opinion its really tough and nearly impossible living without these all.

Its not necessary that you should be able to write poetry or make music or a movie, but more important and essential is that should be able to enjoy all mediums of expressions in totality. An appreciator is equally important as a creator and a listner is even more important than a music creator. They both are like two sides of a coin, simply in-separable.

A KAN-SEN (Listner) is also a gifted person like a TAN- SEN (creator/performer).

So be a creator or an appreciator, both can reach the ultimate stage walking on their respective paths. But the important part is, that you have to become one. Ignoring these three beauties created by mankind and given to us by the existense, will just leave your life incomplete.

In this section, i would like to share my writings on movies, poetry and music which i have experienced in the gone years. And also I would like to know the one you have experienced too. My preferred language is Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English, but open to any, if explained deeply.

In another part of this section, I will be sharing my thoughts on life, its gifts, its roughness and its spirituality granted to us.

Your participation in the articles as comments are most welcome.


with warm wishes,

Bobby Sing

  1. bsbhoop says:


  2. sandeep says:

    hi bobby, can we have a Pacino vs deniro article on ur website, ur views on whos the best. Will be agud read

  3. bobbysing says:

    Hi Sandeep,

    I am a die-hard fan of Al Pacino, and recently i got hold of something great on him. Will soon write about it here. And thanks for writing in.


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