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Somehow I missed to include this masterpiece in my list earlier. But now as I see the “Unseen Footage” and the Making of this Epic, I am proud to call it an Indian Classic which also made it to the last final nominations for best foreign film eyeing on an OSCAR. Though it didn’t win but still the movie is worth watching for its innovative theme and superb performances from the entire star cast. And a special mention for the brilliant musical score by another Indian Maestro A. R. Rahman, who is making Indians proud all over the world. “Lagaan” is a result of collective effort by the entire crew headed by Ashutosh Gowariker, the director and Aamir Khan, the lead and the producer of the movie. There are very few movies made in India with the main subject being Sports and “Lagaan”, proudly stands tall in that list at the very first place. It is the really the creative vision of these two people which resulted in this not to be missed flick. 

You must have seen the movie but if possible do see the “Chale Chalo” Bonus Feature DVD on the making of the movie and all the deleted scenes and songs. The making shows all the pain and discomfort suffered by all associated with the movie. It shows the spirit and importance of a good team required for this kind of huge effort. And the climax of “The Making” relating to the disastrous earthquake in Bhuj, where the film was shot is shocking as many may not even know about it. If you loved “Lagaan” then you will love “The Making” even more. Just Go For it Now !

Directed By : Ashutosh Gowariker
Starring : Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh & many more

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If you are familiar with the game of Spelling Bee, then you will surely love this only elaborate film made on the topic. And if you are not aware of the game, then it will be even more enlightening and entertaining for you to know about it. The movie revolves around a small town girl who wins a big championship and that also by not offending her opponents at the competition. The director beautifully explains what team spirit and sportsmanship should mean to the players. He also stresses on the student teacher relationship which should have freedom and discipline both in the right percentages. The screenplay is tight enough to get you involved after 10 minutes of watching and you enjoy the movie asking for more in the end. Another sensitive topic of racism is handled in the most subtle manner in the screenplay. The entire starcast excels lead by Laurence Fishburne as the teacher. The movie is one of those which can be shown in schools to boost up the confidence and spirit among the young ones. A pure delight to watch and an entertaining flick for all ages. Highly Recommended for the younger generation.
Directed By Doug Atchison
Starring : Keke Palmer, Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bessett


The current hot favourite in India – The reality shows on T.V. is the topic of this movie. A film which makes us familiar with the backstage games going on in all the T.V. Reality Shows. After seeing this movie you will never take any Reality show seriously as every act on them is governed by the TRP factor. This film is based on the true scam happened in the T.V. world. Its about a game show “21 Questions” which was found to be doing fraud. It makes clear all the acquisitions which are being made on the currently on air shows too. A must watch for all the youngsters. I hope after seeing this movie you will agree that the talent shows held on the TV can really ruin the careers of some talented people rather than making it.
Directed By Robert Redford
Starring : John Turturro, Rob Morrow, Ralph Fiennes & Paul Scofield