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If its Aamir, then it has to be big and something first of its own kind. It’s really commendable how Aamir has emerged as an icon synonym with quality and success in the last decade. There is a huge gigantic difference in his initial movies and the current world famous epics namely, ‘Lagaan’ & ‘Taare Zameen Par’. His latest offering “Ghajini” is also as expected based on a novel theme, which is a first in Hindi Cinema.

I called it a first as in the opening few minutes only you are introduced to a disturbed hero who is a hardcore killer. He is shown brutally killing a person and just after his cruel Kill-act he goes still and stands wondering why the person lying on the floor is killed and who killed him. Certainly the Indian (Hindi) viewers have never witnessed this kind of sequence before, so the audiences are simply awestruck looking at the proceedings on the screen. And with a rock solid performance by Aamir, the film starts impressing you as it moves ahead.

“Ghajini” is said to be a remake of a South Movie with a similar name, but I was a little disappointed as I found it all inspired and quite similar to the original English Flick, “Memento”.  Though it’s not entirely a lift but no doubt certain sequences got their inspiration from the original and there should be no denial to that. The basic plot is surely inspired with some Indian elements and sentiments added to the recipe. In fact I was expecting Aamir to declare this himself with dignity and honesty but he chose to take the other way instead.

“Ghajini” is a well crafted product technically and holds you tight in the first half hour. But as the love angle of Aamir and Asin is introduced, movie becomes light and usual. The songs in this part work as a drawback and could have been avoided. The grip returns whenever the evil persona of Aamir is on the screen and that is the strongest merit of the movie. Looking at Aamir, you can feel that he has gone deep inside the character and is truly living the role with all his efforts. That’s why he is called a perfectionist. It is purely due to Aamir’s passionate performance that “Ghajini” becomes a worth watching flick.   

The movie is simply a revenge thriller with the hero killing the villain and his associates. The turning point is that the hero has a short term memory loss problem due to his head injury caused by the villain. Interestingly, he can only remember the last 15 minutes of his life and has to be reminded again of his friends and enemies. He is a millionaire owner of a cell phone company but poses to be a simple man in front of his love Asin. Asin looks fresh and provides the required emotional depth to the screenplay. Unfortunately she is killed by the villain “Ghajini” in front of Aamir and in the incident he also gets a serious head injury leading to the memory loss. A college student, played confidently by Jia Khan, helps him in his revenge, knowing his mental condition.

Apart from the lead characters, all the supporting cast entertains in the right dosage but the choice of villain could have been better as he was not able to generate the right amount of terror on the screen. His language and way of rendering the dialogues also were not that impactful. I remember how intensely the villain was introduced in the movie “Gardish” featuring Jackie Shroff. Something of that sort was needed here.    

Musically I found only two songs equivalent to the name of A. R. Rahman. Rest all songs were not enjoyable at all. Moreover in my opinion such an intense movie should be a songless one, because songs work more as an obstacle in the otherwise tense and gripping screenplay.  Another strong point of the movie is its background music and sound effects which add another dimension to the thrilling sequences.

This time there are some flaws in this Aamir movie which was hard to digest because Aamir is known for his detailed work on every element of the script.

Firstly, why and how Aamir simply vanishes from a moving bus when the Inspector was chasing him?

Secondly, why the movie has been titled with the name of its villain “Ghajini” and why there is no explanation given for this particular name or title chosen.

Thirdly, how Aamir manages to escape the Law after making so many killings? He is not caught even when many know that he was the killer. Was this possible because he was a rich person having private planes and a huge status in the society.  

If you can just ignore these flaws and want to watch an intense, gripping, violent and hard hitting revenge thriller then “Ghajini” will not disappoint you. You may have seen umpteen revenge thrillers before but “Ghajini” has certain new elements which will keep you glued to your seats. The first one is no doubt the amazing body work done by Aamir and second is the truthful dedication with which he enacts his part in the movie. He simply looks engrossed in the movie from head to toe and that makes the performance superlative than all others in the business.

Most of the film-makers make movies to please the viewers and earn money but Aamir is more interested in amazing his viewers and enjoys making movies to satisfy his inner urge. That’s what gives him a cutting edge over and above his contemporaries.

Summing up, “Ghajini” is not a regular stuff for all and some may love to dislike it. But there is only one thing you will remember after watching it and that is “Aamir Khan” and his love for the craft. Period.       

Ratings : 3.5 / 5



A Shahrukh movie along with Aditya Chopra having a unique look had great expectations. And fans all over were just ready to fall in love with the movie in any case. But the final outcome may not be upto the standards expected. In a short review RNBDJ is an OK sweet movie having good performances by the lead pair, has all predictable content, a bit lengthy and entertains only in few parts. No doubt Shahrukh’s fan following is capable of making it a Hit, but the movie leaves the viewer somehow less satisfied.

The best part of the movie is the starting 20-25 minutes where all the characters are being introduced impressively and you easily start liking the narration. Using the Punjabi feel, the current favorite of Bollywood, Aditya captures The Golden Temple beautifully and sets the mood showing the streets of Punjab. Everything is fine till the main plot of a dance competition is disclosed. From there onwards the movie starts entertaining in gaps. The plot moves around how a Husband (Shahrukh) tries to win his wife’s (Anushka) love by playing a double role of a shy husband at home and of a happening and chill out dance partner in a dance competition.

After the transformation of Shahrukh as a fun loving dance partner, the movie is completely open to the viewers as if they have already read the script. Every sequence from then onwards is all predictable and you also know how the movie is going to end too. Still as a loyal fan you keep waiting for more entertaining sequences but they are not too many to come. The movie never surpasses the mood set in first 20 minutes, so you start feeling lazy at times too. Whole movie relies on the two main lead characters and they both carry their part with perfection. But as the storyline has no exciting twists and turns to offer so it remains a sweet movie, nothing extraordinary, far below the expectations.

Among the merits of the movie are the top rate performances of Shahrukh and Anushka. Shahrukh plays the role realistically without falling in the trap of over-reacting. He surely deserves appreciation for the simplicity he adds to the role of a common man and his visible support to the newcomer. Anushka surprises with such a professional debut very close to just perfect. Her dialogue delivery and confidence doesn’t reveal that it is her first movie. She may not have the looks to kill but has got the talent to sustain. Vinay Pathak is purely lovable in his act and provides a good support to Shahrukh. These are the only three characters around which the movie revolves and that works as a drawback to the movie because you miss some more catchy characters in the plot. Apart from good performances there is nothing extra special about the movie to write on. It really does not look like a Aditya Chopra and Yash Chopra movie.

Among the weak points, first comes the thin and all predictable storyline. The moment viewer comes to know the plot he starts losing interest in it. Secondly the comic sequences in the movie, like the motorcycle run by Anushka, Gol-Gappa eating scene, both watching films in the theater and Shahrukh’s fight with Sumo wrestler are not convincing or entertaining at all. There are not many great moments to share in the direction. Thirdly the whole dance completion thing is played too simply and in minute details. There are no major judges to the completion and there are no major competitors to watch too. There are no lavish dance performances in the competition and Shahukh-Anushka pair simply wins the contest as they were the only couple competing there. Their final performance at the stage is completely uninteresting and unimpressive. The whole dancing couple contest and Stage sets were not as expected from an Aditya – Yash Chopra movie. The glossy and stylish look of a Yash Chopra movie is totally missing. In fact it seems to be a film from a not so established production house. Fourthly, the length of the movie pinches you at times and you feel some scenes to get over fast giving way to more good ones. And lastly there is a major flaw in the direction. If a garage owner (Manmeet Singh – from whom Shahrukh buys his new car), can recognize Shahrukh in his new avatar, then how his own wife is not able to recognize him.

Musically the movie is weak too with only one song to remember that is “Haule Haule”. Interestingly this only good song is also an inspired version of a Adnan Sami number. The other added attraction is a song featuring Kajol, Lara Dutta, Rani Mukherjee, Priety Zinta and more. But this song is not able to impress too as it was not even one tenth entertaining as the song in “Om Shanti Om”. Songs have been a merit of all Shahrukh-Yash Raj movies, but this one stands far out of that impressive list.

In few words, Rab Ne Ban Di Jodi, fulfills the expectations only to some extent. Everyone was expecting an entertaining movie with sequences of laughter, fun, youthfulness and excitement. But there are very few such moments in the movie. Aditya is not able to create the same magic as he did in DDLJ. It’s not a bad movie, but it is not a highly entertaining movie too. You will surely feel restless at few places and also bound to hear some noises in the cinema hall.

In the end, I would like to mention that after the first 20-25 minutes of the movie, the most entertaining part of RNBDJ is the Voice Over of Shahrukh along with the end credit rolls sharing the experiences of their successful Honeymoon in Japan. A Well executed ending makes you feel good while you leave the theater.

Rating : 2.5 / 5


Movies on marital issues and post marriage relationships have been made earlier too but this is an altogether different movie which is not interested in entertaining you with some good humor or some realistic sequences. But instead the director is more interested in being extensively vulgar verbally than visually. The movie moves around some confused characters who are not happy with their spouses and find other ways to satisfy themselves emotionally and physically. Loosely based on Woody Allen’s “Husbands & Wives”, it shows an inside view of different bedrooms and their not so amusing stories with everything about the “3 letter word” wide open as never before.

Chek out at :

Debutante director Anil, sadly is not able to hold the audiences neither with his bold subject nor with its cheap dialogues at various places. In fact I should mention here that the viewer would be shocked to hear some strong & bold words coming from a 20 something girl and that too in quite disgraceful details. Just imagine a young girl talking with her professor about her recently broken relationship. And the reason she gives for the break up is that “she couldn’t do it with his boyfriend due to his size”. Was the director trying to make a huge breakthrough in Indian Cinema with such liberty taken or it was only for adding a shock value to the movie. The comment was quite innovatively written by the writer for a young college going girl. And that clearly showed the real intentions.

Regarding the star cast, everyone has done a good job, but once again the talented star cast is not provided with enough good scenes. There are entertaining moments but they come after long gaps. Out of all the actors the most impressive is Saba, a new comer who plays a film student to Rahul Bose and shares her private experiences with him openly. The scene where she is talking about her sexual experiences and her birthday sequence where she boldly asks Rahul for a birthday kiss are not only shocking but they are also capable of generating an awful influence over the youngsters.

Rahul Bose as a confused professor and Konkona Sen Sharma as his wife are fine. Rahul Khanna returns after a long time with an entertaining performance. Payal Rohtagi as a mindless beauty looks sexy and inviting. But out of the ladies, the best act comes from Soha Ali Khan. She is again impressive after “Mumbai Meri Jaan”. And the main person, Irrfan Khan, as always is top rate. Though he is being given similar kind of roles by our film-makers but he is surely an actor to be proud of. He is the only person providing the comedy and comic element to the movie. As a sex crazy person he is too good and his bedroom sequence with his office colleague is the best sequence of the movie.

In spite of having Irrfan Khan and other well known names, the film is not able to hold you or impress the viewer with its content. It is neither a thoughtful social movie nor a good sex comedy. In fact in order to provide some fresh scenes the writer goes overboard and becomes vulgar. Especially the dialogues given to Saba, the young girl are quite debatable.  If the Censors don’t find these as vulgar then they must be having a very enlightening guidelines of censorship in their hands or maybe they are more strict with only visual and abusive words.

After seeing “Dil Kabaddi”, I was forced to think that there is a very thin line between a good sex or adult comedy and a vulgar film. Often our directors start off with the first and end up being the second. Same is the case with “Dil Kabaddi”.  

Rating : 1.5 / 5


Based on a successful play by Paresh Rawal, “Maharathi” is said to be a thriller but I found it lacking the requisites of a tight thriller or a good murder mystery. The very start of the mystery sequence or murder scene pops up some questions which are enough to make you lose interest in the plot. The main blunder why I am calling it “An Unqualified Thriller” is made by the writer who penned it and the director who never questioned it.  

If the writer and director of a murder mystery think that putting a Dead Body in a deep freezer for many days will keep the time and day of the murder A Secret, then it simply means that they still have to get their facts right. It’s the most childish forensic liberty taken ever in a crime movie.

To make it simple, it’s based on a plot where Naseer shoots himself in front of Paresh Rawal and Neha Dhupia and leaves them a challenge to prove his suicide as a murder if they can. Now in the next scene you see that Paresh & Neha both decide to put the dead Naseer in a deep freezer and plan to take him out after some days. And this is all done saying that putting the body in the freezer will never tell the day and time of the murder to anyone. And the whole movie moves around that freezer in which the body lies.

The moment this came on screen I lost all my interest of seeing the talented star-cast together in a mystery movie. The movie has been shot competently but the writing leaves wide cracks open in the mystery. Paresh Rawal as always carries the movie on his shoulders and tries hard to make it convincing. Though the performances of Naseer, Neha and Boman were enjoyable and the director Shivam Nair also manages to shoot some good sequences. But the viewer cannot be served performances alone. The makers need to think that audiences have some to see a crime drama with twists and turns opening new angles to think.

If a Murder Mystery raises too many questions and there are no answers to those queries in the narration then it doesn’t qualify to be a good thriller. “Maharathi” is the best example to that. For example, Why Nasser kills himself and why not he kills his wife Neha instead to get rid of all troubles? Why he leaves everything inherited to Paresh whom he has met just few days ago? Ironically, there is a life insurance of 25 crores done by Nasser and he is living his life miserably all in debts. If he can manage to pay the premium of this huge sum then why he cannot pay his debts off? Tara Sharma, an architecture student, is kept as a house keeper who never visits the room of his sick employer and just keeps on washing floors. She is shown to be dumb and a night walker too but surprisingly she is sharp enough to help Paresh by giving false statement to the police knowing that he will never get caught.

What is Boman Irani (The Lawyer) contribution to the plot? What was his relationship with Neha? Boman seems to be doing silly things in the climax, not expected from a well established Criminal Lawyer? Om Puri (completely wasted) enters as a detective and he is so experienced but he doesn’t doubt Paresh and never questions him about background or his entry in the house just few days back. And in the climax he just shoots Boman, just like that as if it was an encounter. Why he doesn’t shoot on his hand as a responsible officer?

Apart from these there are so many questions which I can go on with but there is no use of listing them as they would not get any answers. But I must say that if a die-hard fan of Alfred Hitchcock, Agatha Christie, Felu-Da and Byomkesh Bakshi (like myself) watches this movie then he will not like to say anything but would only love to get back to the masters of mystery cinema as soon as possible and see or read any one of their creations again.

Interestingly the plot of putting the dead body in a box (deep freezer here) is quite similar to that in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope”.

You can watch “Maharathi” only if you can ignore the faulty plot and would love to see the performances of the talented actors together.

Rating : 1.5 / 5


Firstly, after “Bas Ek Pal” this is another movie from director Onir, with its inspiration from the West. The plot is quite similar to “Dan In Real Life” (2007) and it is too bold and a strange choice of topic by the director.

Secondly, the story is indigestive and unacceptable both in our part of the world and in the West too. Because still the viewers haven’t gone broadminded to this extent that they can accept such kind of story all in the name of LOVE & EMOTIONS.

Thirdly, even in this controversial plot there are performances worth watching and worth praising but they all may go un-noticed due to the non availability of viewers.

About the story, think about a younger brother falling in love with the fiancée of his elder brother, just before 5 days of their marriage. Then as the marriage gets postponed for few days, they cannot resist, make love to each other in a garment store’s changing room. After knowing the truth the mother of the boys strangely allows the couple to have a live in relationship leaving the elder brother alone.

This is not out of the box thinking or innovation of any kind. In my opinion this is simply wrong choice of plot and looks like deliberately chosen to create a controversy and get the extra attention.

And the most debatable part is the climax and the solution given to the unexpected problem. It looks like Onir was not able to decide how to end this unconventional plot and he settled with whatever he could think of. I simply couldn’t understand why the mother suggests his younger son and the girl to have a live in relationship. And why does she want them to get married (post her death) after 11 years and that too when they have got two children out of their live in years. Also absurdly the elder brother remains witness to all this and even is shown celebrating their marriage. The last half hour is completely confusing and nonsensical.

As I see it, the love making scene was not required at the first place and was totally avoidable. This gave a complete new and blind turn to the movie. On the other hand, the plot should have used the love angle only as an infatuation. This situation can arise in real life too and it is quite possible. We all do get attracted towards many persons we come across in our lives, but we cannot start an affair with anyone we like. And that too with the lady who is going to be married in 5 days and we are there invited to attend her marriage only. In my opinion, if the characters were made to control themselves and accept it as a healthy and friendly infatuation then the movie could have been a milestone for Onir. But instead he decided to mould it in an unethical way which was a drastic mistake.

Now if we just keep the story out of mind and emphasise only on the performances, then there are worth watching acts by almost all the characters. Among the top on the list are Shabana Azmi and Chitrangda Singh. Shabana gives another milestone performance of her career. She is more than perfect in the role of mother of the family and she was the only one who could do justice with this role. Chitrangda has the beauty out of this world. She simply lights up the screen with her presence. In fact you cannot watch any other person sharing screen presence with her as she never allows you to take eyes off her. She was rightly compared to Smita Patil in her first film as she has got the talent and beauty both in the right measures. She stands at equal heights confidently with the veteran Shabana Azmi and makes her presence felt in front of her. Moments where Shabana and Chitrangda are together on the screen are brilliantly directed and give you back the worth of your money.

Boman Irani is so cool as the father. Though Shabana & Boman together remind you of “Honeymoon Travels”, but still they look as a perfect couple and Boman Irani provides the required comic relief to the movie. Sharman Joshi as the younger brother impresses and his magical smile says a lot. But Sanjay Suri is ok as the elder brother. He also does not get enough attention post interval. Musically the songs sound soothing while watching but a song worth remembering is missing. The movie is mostly shot outdoors in Mauritius and the beautiful locations are canned superbly.

In short, the story in unconvincing and the script is indigestible but you may watch the film only for the superlative act by the leading ladies, Shabana Azmi & Chitrangda Singh. You will love them both.

Rating : 2 / 5


Dibakar Bannerjee, won millions of hearts and received worldwide appreciation for his first movie, ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’. So his next venture was eagerly awaited by comedy lovers as well as lovers of quality cinema. His present offering showed good vibes with its promos and catchy theme of life of a famous thief. But surprisingly, Dibakar chooses to go with a Documentary film-making style in “OLLO”. The movie is like a biography of a thief, an account of his childhood and youth, about his various relationships and how he manages to escape each time he is caught by the police.


Dibakar, though not Punjabi by birth, does has a soft corner about Sikhs and Punjabi culture. His first movie had a Punjabi culture feel allover and the same is more evident in this one two. In fact in OLLO he even casts a teenage Sikh boy to play the role of young Lucky. The movie opens with the childhood of lucky. The boy (young Lucky) is well chosen and shows great confidence. It never seems to be his first movie as he is so convincing in his act. The opening scenes between him and Paresh Rawal (his father) are a treat to watch. In simple words this part of the movie showing his start as a thief, his teenage love and fights is the best portion of the movie.


After this section, enters Abhay Deol with his cute smile and cool attitude. Here I have to say that Abhay is one of the most under-rated actors Bollywood has. His choice of films clearly shows his class cinematic thought process and he deserves praises for that. As Lucky he just floats calmly and impressively in the skin of a famous thief. He again gives a superlative performance as the famous conman of Delhi. Paresh Rawal in a triple role is competent but sadly has very less comic scenes. His best shows in his role of a Vet doctor who becomes partner with lucky for opening a new restaurant. Neetu Chandra is also impressive with her subtle persona.  Archana Puran Singh shows excellent timing for which she is known for. Another worth mentioning act comes from the actor who plays Lucky’s close friend. He is top rate and also gets excellent one liners which entertain the most.


But despite having talented actors, brilliant performances and bright direction, the film lacks on the part of entertainment.  The movie only tells you the story of a thief, but doesn’t entertain the viewer. It doesn’t have fast unexpected turns in the story. The narration gets repetitive post interval and you know what is going to happen next. Though portrayed as a comedy, the movie doesn’t have enough comic scenes. The funny chemistry is missing which was strongly there in “Khosla Ka Ghosla”. While watching it, you can smile at certain scenes but a hearty laughter would be difficult.


Dibakar sticks to his choice of realistic topics, having real life inspirations and also again selects Delhi for his backdrop of the story. Its nice to see that atleast he is deriving inspiration from the real life happenings around him and not copying ideas from the English flicks. His present idea of a movie on a famous conman was also interesting and had potential of becoming an interesting movie. Sadly it only remains interesting to a certain section and lacks the expected entertainment factor, which goes against the movie.


Instead of coming out as an entertaining movie on robberies and chases, OLLO is more like a docu-drama on the life of a famous thief. There is a very limited section of viewers who will find it good enough. People in Delhi Punjab and North territory can relate to it in a better way. Dibaker is surely a director to watch out for and I am waiting for what he plans next. He also knows one thing for sure and that is not to put any song in the script if not needed. So this is another song-less movie from him. But one thing I would surely like to request to our film-makers here – Do give a worth watching role to Abhay Deol, the boy has got a hidden talent to explore.


So “Oye Lucky Lucky Oye” is an interesting movie with a touch of difference but don’t expect a great comedy out of it.


Rating : 2.5 / 5 


As a big fan of Subhash Ghai, I remember almost 20 years back, buying ticket for the first show of “Ram Lakhan” at double the price and then sitting in a packed houseful show with people whistling, dancing and clapping on every scene and song. And now comes a day when I easily get a ticket for the first show of “Yuvraaj” from the window itself and become a part of few people watching the movie in the theater. There is no excitement in any viewer, no whistles or claps and no dancing around the screen.

Surely times have changed a lot, and surprisingly “Subhash Ghai Sir” has also changed his style of film-making. But the sad part is that the change of style is not coming up good enough for the viewers. As witnessed in his last few movies, “Yuvraaj” too has its merits but falls short of the expectations from the famous  “Showman” of Bollywood. The discouraging opening response must be due to the unimpressive and confusing promos which were not able to explain what the movie was. Even Salman and Anil looked puzzled in their acts in the on air promos.

Coming to the movie itself, it starts off with Salman, Katrina and Boman Irani (as Katrina’s father) with their love story angle. 50 minutes into the movie and the same goes on & on with no sign of Anil and Zayed. This makes the viewer restless as it is too lengthy and should have been trimmed heavily. Then with the news of Salman’s rich father dying the story moves on and the other two brothers of Salman are introduced, Anil Kapoor & Zayed Khan. After every one is there on the screen the story goes into the “Jaydaad” & inheritors drama with a twist in the form of autistic Anil Kapoor.

The locations are fresh, sets are huge, songs are shot lavishly, but nothing hits the right note. Everyone looks playing his part knowingly that something is wrong and not working. There are very few scenes to watch out for and it all seems to be too lengthy and repetitive. The most lacking part is the story and screenplay of the movie which does not give ample scope to any star in particular.

The film mainly moves around Salman & Katrina with Anil Kapoor taking the limelight post interval. Salman Khan & Katrina look good as a couple but it is not one of their best movies. However, I liked Salman in the last scene when he cries in front of Boman to save the life of his brother Anil. He never looks like acting in the scene and proves that he has got the talent too along with the fab body. The scene where Katrina is playing and teasing topless Salman shows their off screen bonding clearly. Katrina has a fresh look but her hair style could have been better. Anil Kapoor as usual is almost perfect but at places repeats his “Eeshwar” act. Actually Anil gets betrayed by the script and hence his character fails to strike the emotional chord with the viewer. Zayed Khan still relies more on his looks than his acting. Boman Irani is a bit loud but calms down in his last scene with Salman. Mithun Da in a guest appearance enjoys his few scenes with elegance.

Like in his earlier movies, “Yuvraaj” also has a rich family with a Mama ji, cunning uncles, brothers, loyal servants and a vamp bhabhi. Here the bhabhi is too hot to handle and has the looks to kill. Climax is the least convincing part with a twist told so many times before where the performer is poisoned before his main grand show. Even the song is not enjoyable enough for the grand finale. Till you reach the climax you lose interest in the happenings and wish the movie was only around Salman and Katrina.

Apart from the fresh cinematography, the other major highlight of the film is the music of A. R. Rahman. Though this time the magic of “Taal“ is missing and the music needs time to grow on the listener. Two songs score over all the others with “Tu Hi Meri Dost Hai” being the best. The songs may not be that entertaining for the Indian audience as they are designed giving more stress on Western Arrangements. Honestly I also cannot rate this as one of Rahman’s best as i was expecting much more from the combination of Rahman & Ghai.

In few words, I again found the “Golden Touch of Subhash Ghai” missing in this. But if you are a Salman-Katrina fan then you will surely enjoy their lovable screen presence together.

Rating : 2 / 5