Inspired Cinema

In this interesting part of the site, an attempt is made to find the inspirational ties between movies and film-makers from all over the world. I would like to say few words about this section before you explore it :

About Indian Cinema

I love Cinema from all over the world but i simply adore our own Bollywood for its masterpieces & master film makers. We have made movies like gems in the past & can make more in the future. I really admire each time a new masterpiece comes out of our own Bollywood and its talented directors. Regarding the inspirations listed here, Just take it in good spirits as we all do get inspired from many things in our life.

About Inspiration in Our Lives

We all get inspired from whom we admire, whom we look upto & in this way sometimes we also find our own original paths of doing things. Thats my interpretation of inspirations seen in World Of Cinema. Even Newton discovered the Law of Gravity when he got inspired from a falling apple. So its just to have fun and looking at the things in a lighter way.

About This Section

This blog of mine is in no way looking at our films from a lower angle but its only an attempt to point out the inspirations in our movies which have been more frequent in the recent times.Its a collection of information about movies which have significant similarites and is completely based on personal observations.

So No Offence

As new observations are being added regularly, so keep visiting and get amazed with every new addition.

You are always welcome to give your views, suggestion and inputs for the blog.

Waiting to get a word from all cinema lovers…

with warm wishes,

Bobby Sing

  1. sandeep says:

    hi bobby, have u seen The Runaway Train starring jon voight. It appears to have been inspired from our very own The Burning train which was released 5 yrs before the english one. In the english version the train aint burning but the breaks arent working,the trains jammed at full throttle and a person tries to enter inside it by chopper ala Danny in the hindi version. Check it out. Waiting 4 ur comments

  2. bobbysing says:

    Hi Sandeep,
    Its nice to see you interested in this “Inspired Cinema” subject too on which I just love working and exploring.

    Regarding “The Burning Train”.
    Our Hindi movie was well made but it was all actually inspired from a Japanese Movie “The Bullet Train” or “Shinkansen daibakuha” which came in 1975.
    Chek out this at :

    It is also mentioned in the “T – More” Category in my Blog.

    However there was one more movie around the same theme in 1976
    called “The Cassandra Crossing”. But here the cause of train not stopping was different.

    But do Keep on Searching for more and Keep in Touch.


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