Movie Reviews

As a regular feature of the site, I invite you to read my reviews on the new major Hindi Films released from our own Indian Film Industry.
The Films are reviewed on the basis of different ascpects involved in the film making, including all the elements from the basic story idea to the the final finished product.

I try to review a film, impartially ir-respective of my personal favourites. So its not that i like a movie only because it features the stars I like or beacuse it is coming from a big production house. A movie should be watchable and entertaining as a whole for all the viewers who are spending their time and money on it. Hence, you can always log on here, for an honest review on the latest movies released.

But still, there can be differece of opinions about a film and for that I invite you all to discuss and write your comments on a movie too. It will be a great fun studying a particular movie from different perspectives.

So waiting for your views, suggestion and inputs.

with warm wishes,

Bobby Sing

  1. sreenivas says:

    Good Work, Keep going.

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