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The director, who gave us a masterpiece “Rang De Basanti”, can be seen no-where in his latest offering – Delhi 6. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra falls drastically short of all expectations which viewers had from this, one of the most awaited movies of 2009.  In fact the 2-3 minutes promos were more interesting and impressive than the whole movie. And after you are through with the experience in the theater, you are left with only one question in mind, that what it was all about & what the writer-director wanted to show us?


The story revolves around an American boy, Roshan, played by Abhishek Bachhan, who comes to India with his grandmother to fulfill her wish of seeing the old hometown once again before dying. Abhishek, fascinated by the caring people and carefree life of the city, starts loving here. He also finds himself in love with innocent Bittu, daughter of the neighbors, played by Sonam Kapoor. But communal tensions in the area force Abhishek to take up a disguise act and save the local people, from killing each other. The second half of the movie featuring his act has a surprise package for the viewers, but sadly it is not convincing enough with weak and poor writing.


An impressive and engrossing start is a must for a movie to pull in the viewers into itself. But Delhi-6, starts with a very dull first hour where there is nothing happening, but only introduction of numerous characters is shown, playing their tiny little roles in the crowded star-cast. In fact the screenplay has so many people to deal with that not even one is able to convince the viewers with his/her act. Incomplete characterization makes even veteran actors like Waheeda Rehman, Rishi Kapoor, Om Puri & Prem Chopra look helpless on screen. In simple words, everyone is there but no one is able to stand out of the crowd due to the faulty screenplay.


There are many unwanted sequences in the movie which have no contributions to make in the narration but have only been added to make the frame look more artistic and classy.

For instance, the Ramleela sequence, there for a good length, has nothing to do with the movie, but is only added because it is a key feature of Delhi’s Ramleela Ground in that area. Children driving the car themselves, two brothers living in one house with a separating wall, Abhishek meeting his grandfather in a dream sequence, also have nothing to convey to the viewers as such.


In the performance department, the best one comes from Divya Dutta, as the lady sweeper of the area, treated as an untouchable by all. Her scene with the two child artists is superb and the dialect used by Divya for her character is simply flawless. Second best act comes from Vijay Raaz, as the local policeman playing the role to perfection. Sonam, comes up with a natural and sober act and gets noticed. Abhishek is just ok with a deliberate American accent, which gets caught at times. The love angel between Abhishek and Sonam lacks the depth and never leaves an impact on the viewer.


It was really disappointing to see that Om Puri, Waheeda Rehman, Prem Chopra, Supriya Pathak, Atul Kulkarni, Tanvi Azmi & Pawan Malhotra were not given any good length roles or well written scenes, but they all still manage to give superb performances. Raghuvir Yadav is used in the worst possible manner ever as he is not even visible anywhere in the movie but only singing the Ramleela Songs.

The act which could be the highlight of the movie was of Rishi Kapoor, performing elegantly. He lights up the screen with his cool get up and persona but becomes the victim of ill-treatment given by the writers. Amitabh Bachhan in a cameo appearance towards the end, is also not able to generate any major impact. Regarding the Hindu – Mulim angle in the story, the real life look alike politicians and the Mandir-Masjid plot had nothing new to say, which resulted in a very pale impression of the whole sequence.


Another worth mentioning character of the movie is a “Kaala Bander” who creates a panic in the area by attacking people at regular intervals. The innovative climax of the movie is related with this “Kaala Bander” but I will not like to reveal that relationship here to my readers as many friends may not have seen the movie yet. But i really found the electrical lights on the Kala Bander, a strange imagination of the writer-director.  


Merits of the movie, undoubtedly include the outstanding music by A. R. Rahman. It is his one of the most refined works till date giving us a complete album, after Lagaan. Just listen to the “Aarti” sung beautifully by a chorus without any beat instruments. And “Genda Phool” is simply awesome combining the folk and hip hop elements into one track. Binod Pradhan’s cinematography captures the “Delhi Ki Galiyan” brilliantly. If you are a Delhite, then you will love the camera movements and the created ambience even more.


All together, Delhi-6 has very few merits to name and more flaws to count. The unexpected and confusing climax will be the toughest part to digest for many. The movie tries to incorporate so much into it but ends up doing nothing great. Rakesh Omprakash Mehra seems to be confused between making an entertaining movie or a preachy movie. The mess and confusions seen in his “Aks” are visible again. May be he should sign Aamir, once again for his next now. .


Go for it if you have visited the Delhi-6 area yourself and dont mind experiencing an innovation gone wrong!


Rating : 2 / 5  (1 for the innovative climax tried by the director)

As Aamir’ Blog comment was opposed strongly, Shahrukh gave a very cool answer which clearly showed that he took everything in good spirits.

And now Amitabh Bachchan has showed his humbleness and intelligence in his blog in response to the comparison TRP data’s which were earlier given by him.

In Amitabh’s own words,

“There are some amongst you who feel that there has been an attempt on my part to compare myself with other colleagues of mine. This is false and incorrect. I think the whole purpose of my account has been incorrectly interpreted. I have never ever meant that at all. I have never considered myself worthy of such position and have hated such indulgence.

However, if some amongst you have felt otherwise, I wish to sincerely apologize for that and say that I am sorry ! It shall not happen again.”

After these good words by Amitabh, I think Shahrukh and Amitabh both can be called as people who know their responsibilities which come with their fame. And Aamir surely now needs to do something extraordinary to re-build his image.

And many thanks to Amitabh Bachchan for this intelligent gesture which made me a more fans of yours than earlier.

You proved that you deserved to be called Sir Amitabh Bachchan.

In the last few days there were some unexpected, downgrade and un-necessary commenting in bollywood by some of the leading names which forced me to write this article.

Taking into account all the happenings, its about three people who can also be named as the Key Representatives of Indian Film Industry. They are :

Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan & Shahrukh Khan (in Alphabetical Order).

All of them have a different and unique position in one of the world’s largest movie making industry.

Aamir Khan – Considered as one of the finest Actor with a different thought procedure. Believes in re-inventing himself and has recently proved his excellence also as a director with “Taare Zameen Par”

Amitabh Bachchan – The Living Legend, mega star and actor par excellence who was the Shahenshah of Bollywood as the Angry Young Man in 70s and early 80s. Still doing amazing work at an age of 65+ when all his co-stars are no longer into screen existence. Undoubtedly the world famous representative of Indian Film Industry, without whom no chapter on Indian Films is complete.

Shahrukh Khan – The current heartthrob and most loved child of destiny who is the current Badshah of Bollywood. He is the lifeline for the youth and hugely famous in overseas market. Though he is more known for his mega hits than his acting but no doubt he has given some of the most successful movies ever in Indian Film History. Along with acting, he has also proved his great business mind and has a sharp sense of humor. Every youth related to India in any way knows the name SRK all over the globe.

Now the point to think is, that all the above three men have nothing more to prove to the outer world. They have done almost everything in their successful careers, have achieved unbelievable heights, have won hearts all over the world, and more importantly still roaring and energetic enough to reach more heights of success in the coming years.

The million dollar question is that when they have achieved so much by the grace of almighty, then are they not intelligent enough not to involve in silly and unnecessary commenting about each other. Does their intelligence is only for the movie making and acting. It seems that they have learned all the acting skills and conquered billions of hearts but they still have to conquer the feeling of JEALOUSY & GREED.

It all started when people started comparing Amitabh Bachchan’s success with Shahrukh’s. It was obvious as these are two most famous names from Indian Movies. Still this comparison could have been avoided as they both are of different age, both have a different era in which they ruled and moreover Shahrukh himself said that he used to see Amitabh’s movies in his school days. So whereas Amitabh is a veteran actor respected by Shahrukh himself, on the other hand now, Shahrukh has his fingers on the pulse of youth of the current times. So the comparison was not needed at all. Both have fans all over the world and both are the Badshahs of Bollywood in their respective times.

Between these two, Aamir Khan entered the fight with first a comment over Amitabh and his “Black” and then he targeted Shahrukh and his No.1 position. With a touch of humor Aamir gave a statement that Shahrukh is No.2 in Bollywood. No one had questioned his position but the statement was capable enough of starting another cold war with Shahrukh.

But the response of Shahrukh to this statement was surprisingly intelligent, soft and soothing. Many including myself were expecting that this is start of another rivalry with SRK. But amazingly Shahrukh came with the coolest response and said “Yes, Aamir may be true”.

In my opinion that showed the right kind of teaching Shahrukh has got from his teachers. I was very pleased with this kind of response as now there was nothing more to fight for Aamir. So the controversy stopped there.

Then there was another controversy with Shahrukh playing harsh humor games at the Filmfare programme along with Saif. That act was not taken sportingly by many in the Film Industry but no one spoke as later they all decided to take it with good spirits of fun. Once before also Shahrukh had made a comment on “Amar Singh” and his looks, which was very politically answered by Amar Singh later. This was really not needed and could have easily been avoided by Shahrukh.

Three days ago Amitabh Bachchan gave some data’s in his blog to show that his “KBC” show was more popular than Shahrukh’s “KBC” and he also pointed that the latest quiz show of Shahrukh is also a FLOP.

That was the most unexpected comment for me coming from Amitabh Bachchan himself as it is his personal blog. I couldn’t understand what was the purpose of it and what was the use of all those data’s in his personal blog which is supposed to be a platform for interacting with the fans. This was really like deliberately putting coal to the fire of cold war between the two.

And when I was still thinking why those data’s were given, here comes a latest from Aamir Khan, with the most shameful one about his fellow actor. In his blog he starts a write up with a story about a house he bought and the caretakers of that house have a dog with the name of Shahrukh.

What a strange, shameful and hugely unexpected statement it is.

This is not fun, this is not humor. In my opinion this is something to do with hidden agendas.

I love Aamir Khan and his mastery over his art, I love Amitabh for his number of memorable acts and the most cherished movies, and I love Shahrukh for his youthfulness and intelligence.

But I don’t love any of them when they indulge themselves in such disgraceful kind of activities. This is pulling the trade and all the people involved with it to the minimum level. This shows that they don’t understand the responsibility which comes with fame. This shows they all are two different personalities when it comes to competition.

Till now if I see all that I have written in this article, it seems to me that the person who has contributed the least in this all is Shahrukh. Though he has made some harsh comments in some instances but he has never been disgraceful and disrespectful to his co-stars in order to show his supremacy. He has shown that he has the class to respect the seniors of huge stature such as Amitabh and also has the humbleness which stops him to make strong and cruel statements which may give rise to further controversies.

Now after Amitabh gave the not needed data’s in his blog and Aamir wrote the most disgraceful words in his blog I expect that Shahrukh will respond as for sure, but will respond very gracefully with elegance of his own.

And regarding his response, I have a personal request for Shahrukh Khan,

Dear Shahrukh Khan,

I have not been the greatest fan of yours but I have always admired the spirit and energy you have. You are no doubt the most favourite child of Destiny but this success also delegates a huge amount of responsibility on your shoulders.

Now that our loved Indian Film Industry is the most talked about in the world and people from all corners read the moves and statements made by our idols. I expect that you understand the importance of this delicate moment. I can understand what it may feel reading those lines written by Aamir Khan with your name in it.

But I request and expect that as an intelligent and learned man, you now will not make any further similar statements as an answer to this.  Your answer will be the most read and talked about in the whole world and your words will also represent the psyche of our Indian Film Industry and its respected participants. 

Though I would prefer, you remaining silent to this as that will be that best answer. But still if you choose to answer then please think a thousand times before you do that, and you have to choose your words with the greatest care.

At present you are the current representative of our Indian Film Industry all over the world and you very well know that. So let your good education of Delhi show in your response.

I am sure that your intelligent response to this,  will lift the image of Bollywood all over the world instead of degrading it further.

That’s what I expect from an intelligent performer called Shahrukh.

my wishes for all the three stalwarts of Bollywood 

Aamir, Amitabh & Shahrukh (In Alphabetical Order of course)

This is bobbysing signing off…